Last hiding places for Isabella for 2012

It just dawned on me, I forgot to show you all the last places Isabella the Elf was hiding, before she went home to the North Pole. Where was my mind? The last three weeks of the year kinda got crazy. Well Isabella done some crazy things the last week she was with us. She even went out of town with us again and we found her in my Mothers Christmas tree during her Christmas party. I wish I would had got a picture of that.
One night Isabella left a note for my little one. She had gotten a bowl of sugar out and had placed the peppermint oil in the sugar. The note said:
Since you was good at the dentist. Please place 3 drops of peppermint oil in the sugar before bed tonight.
Love,  Isabella
P.S. I told Santa he needed to bring you something special.

Here is my daughter and I placing the peppermint oil in the sugar. She took the letter to school that day.
The next morning peppermint candy canes had grew in the sugar. Isabella was in a new hiding place, underneath presents. A little tip if you decide to do this. Take the wrapping paper off the candy canes. My little one said Mommy there is plastic on these candy canes. Thank goodness she was to little to put two and two together.

The next morning Isabella must have been hungry because we found her on the stove drinking syrup.

Christmas Eve morning, we found Isabella on the sofa sitting on the Bible holding a key. She had highlighted in the Bible the story of the birth of Jesus. The key she was holding was a skeleton key. There was a poem that went with the key.

On the night before Christmas
On the door it will be
A special key
For you and I to see

No worries or fears
Santa's reindeer's will see
The magical glow
Where the special key will be

To read more about the Secret Santa Key click here.
That was the last hiding place for Isabella. That night when the stockings were hung Isabella's box that she came in, was placed on the sofa table, for Santa to take her home.