Finding the right place to hold a tea party

January is a busy month for me. My daughter turns five this month and she is wanting to have a princess tea party. If you follow me on Pinterest I bet you have noticed all the pins about tea parties the last several weeks. I have less than two weeks to hammer out all of the details.
The biggest challenge was finding a place, that was cheap and would host a tea party for four and five year old's. I was unable to find a place that would hold a tea party that was not very expensive. I looked online at one of the tea parlors in our city and their price for a birthday party was $25 per child than $12.50 per adult. That was way out of my budget.
So Mr. Hubby took me to the coffee shop that he frequents often (I mean almost everyday) and shows me their party room. The room was kinda neat. All they wanted was $10 to rent the room for 2 hrs. It was just a room with a big old cherry table in it. They said they would provide their tea at cost and all the mugs needed for the party. In my head I was thinking these are 4 / 5 year olds what happens if they break their mugs? The final question that I asked and it was the deciding factor, could I bring in sandwiches and cookies to make it a real tea party? The manager told me no. So in return I said no to the room.
After searching and searching my husband and I decided to have our daughters party at our house, in our semi finished basement. When I say semi, I mean there is dry wall up seperating the basement in two halfs. One half for storage and the other half to be finished. The rest of the walls are concrete. I do have a really big piece of carpet on one side of the basement. Basically I am working with a blank canvas. Yes I am brave to show you pics of my basement, especially when it is so messy and unfinished.

The pictures make the basement look much smaller than it really is. As you can see I been playing with some decorations all ready. I am thinking about feeding the kiddo's on the side where the carpet is not, just because I don't want stains in the carpet area. I plan on playing the games on the carpet side. I have my work cut out for me. If you could only go inside my head and see what I am envisioning for this party. Oh I pray it turns out like I envision.
Stay tuned within the next several weeks, I will be posting the invitations, decorations used and more about the party. I am so excited and then nervous too! Wish me luck.

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  1. We went to a Hello Kitty Tea party not long ago. It was that price and I was like omg! That is not in my budget either. I took lots of picture though and the decorations were so beautiful. Plans for recreations in the future. Lots of ideas and I think it will turn out lovely. I can't wait to see the end result.