The big tea party birthday

 Yesterday was the big birthday party. It was very exciting to see all the little princess's and princes all dressed up. We had Rapunzel, Belle, Snow White, a Barbie Princess, a Ballerina Princess, a Shiny Knight, and two other princes dressed in their finest wardrobe. I enjoyed having this party at my house. The children all played together and enjoyed being there for over 2 hours.
Remember what my basement looked like before? If you don't remember click here to see the pictures of it. I chose one side of my basement to place the tables for the children to eat at. I picked the side that did not have any carpet.

Every chair had a tea cup placed in front it at the table.

I love this table from Pottery Barn for kids.

 We used plastic tablecloths to hide the ugly gray concrete walls. To hide the beams above our heads we also took the plastic tablecloths and swagged them toward the light with tissue balls hanging from the ceiling.

On the other side of the stairs, I placed my old kitchen table on that side. I figured some of the adults could sit and enjoy this table. We bought my daughter the tulips for her birthday. This was also the side where the children played. I am thankful I placed the the children on the carpet. It was a soft cozy place for them to play at.

Again on this side of the basement we swagged the plastic tablecloths from the ceiling and we hung them around the concrete walls.

We played pin the tea bag on the tea pot and musical chairs to I am a little tea pot.

We played tea bag tic tac toe

The kids played with this tea cart that had Mrs Potts and Chip on it.

But most of all the children enjoyed playing with Thomas the train and the tracks.

Here is the cake that I made for my little one. I only make cakes for my little one once a year.

Here was the display of the cake and cupcakes. I tried to layer  the table with different heights. Each cupcake had either a pink, white or brown chocolate princess crown on it.

Here is my daughter blowing out her candles. 

The children enjoyed drinking the apple juice tea in the fancy china tea cups. They were so well behaved that there was no cups broken. 

Well that is it.

If you missed any post about getting ready for my daughters tea party click on the links below. Stay tuned to learn how we made the paper balls that hung from the ceiling, some of the food that was served and more.

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