Rolo Stuffed Marshmallow Campfire Style

Just imagine a melted gooey marshmallow filled with chocolate and caramel. I saw only a picture of this on Pinterest the other day. There was no directions on how to make this or even if they tasted good. So I decided to give this rolo inside a marshmallow roasted by a campfire a try on our camping trip.

You will need:
1 bag of Rolo's
1 bag of Marshmallow
1 roasting stick

Place one rolo inside of a marshmallow and place it on the stick. This looks like an easy task but it is not. I found it hard to get the rolo inside of the marshmallow. One of the members of our party came up with the idea to split the marshmallow in half then place the rolo inside and finally closing the rolo inside the marshmallow. Once the rolo is inside the marshmallow place your stick over the campfire to roast. Roast the marshmallow with the rolo inside to your desired doneness.

If you have ever roasted a marshmallow over a campfire you know it does not take long to burn your marshmallow or set it on fire. In this case it does not take long for the marshmallow to burn and the rolo to burn.The time it takes the marshmallow to melt or burn the rolo does not have time to melt or get really soft.

Overall the marshmallow with the rolo tastes really good. I think it is time consuming when there is children involved. If you plan on making this I would make them before the campfire gets going. If you try this please let me know your thoughts on how you think it tastes and if you find any solutions on how to get the rolo to melt inside the marshmallow I would love to hear about it.

Our Great Kentucky Camp Out 2013

In my childhood days my family and I went camping every year. When I say camping I really mean camping, we had no camper or RV, we stayed in tents and slept on air mattress. We also never stayed inside of a camp ground, we always roughed it with no electric and no bathrooms for an entire week. We camped like this for at least twelve years. Every year I would look foward to our annual week long camping vacation at the lake.
We would wake up in the mornings eat a hot big breakfast. Then we would go down to the bank of the lake and play in the water all day. We would also keep my Dad busy by making him drive the boat as we would ski and tube all day. At the end of the day we were always blessed to have an awesome meal and to get together around the campfire to play cards. I have such fun memories of those camping trips.
When I went away for school our yearly camping adventures ended until this year. My daughter and cousins wanted to go camping. Well many things have changed since our last camping trip. We thought about letting the kiddo's experiance camping the way we grew up camping, but with a 3, 5, 7, 13 year old and expecting mother we had to adjust our trip somewhat. We still went camping, but we chose to go to a Camp Ground in the Daniel Boone National Forest, with a pop up camper and only one tent. We had running water and electric. We also had a shower house and bathroom close by.

Compared to roughing it, this was 5 star accommodations.
 Everything was just like camping when I was little besides the extras. The children got to set around the campfire every night and roast marshmellows and play card games. We also had a big breakfast every morning and good supper at night. The kids got to play in the lake everyday. We agreed that with four children and a expecting mother that we did not need to bring the boat this year. We just went to the beach area of the lake and hung out there all day. This way the kiddos all could swim together and build sand castles.
The campfire we had every night.

Breakfast. We had sausage, bacon, scrambles eggs and fried biscuits
The last night at camp supper, we also had a homemade cake on the table too!

The sand the kiddos played in at the beach.

The only thing I could not get use to in the campsite was having our vehicles right in the camp. That took some some getting use to. I loved not having any TV's or Ipads going for five days and four nights. This was true relaxation. I am so wanting to go back soon and bring our bikes and our boat. Do you like camping? What is some things you cook at the campsite and or do?

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Colgate Total Mouthwash

I was given the honor to try the new Colgate Total Mouthwash for the last several weeks. I have tried many mouth washes and I never really liked the burning sensation that was left in my mouth. I tried one brand several months ago and it left my mouth feeling weird and hours later it changed the way my breakfast and morning soda tasted like. My mouth also felt like it was burnt. Needless to say after that I never used a mouthwash again. Until I was given  the opportunity to test out the Colgate Total Mouthwash from Influesnster.
As for the Colgate Total I really like it. I like the fact that their mouthwash has no alcohol in it. When you use the mouthwash your mouth feels minty clean and germ free. This mouthwash does not make your morning meals or drinks taste different. I did not even have a burnt feeling left in my mouth. This mouthwash comes in 3 different flavors, Peppermint Blast, Spearmint Surge and Wintermint Rush. I tried the Peppermint Blast and really liked the taste.
My only issue with the mouthwash and it is pretty petty, is that it does not have any fluoride in it. But besides that I really like the mouthwash and I would recommend this to anyone looking to have a germ free and minty fresh mouth. If I had to rate this product on a scale from 1- 10 with 10 being the best, I would rate it a 9. If it had fluoride in it it would receive a 10+.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

How we spent the 4th of July weekend.

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July and week that followed. My family and I decided to go Kings Island Amusement Park for several days after the 4th of July. Then we got busy with work and activities I am just now getting to where I post this wonderful post. Well we decided to brave the rainy 4th of July weekend and go thrill riding. I think this was the best decision we could ever make. The park had very few people in it. We never really was in the rain.
Since Mason is about a 2 hour drive from our house, I got us a hotel room at the Holiday Inn Express in Mason, OH,  loved the hotel and everything about it. Our room had a mini fridge, microwave and a flat screen TV. This hotel offered a free continental breakfast for everyday of our stay. I will have to say the food was very good. The best thing was that they had an indoor pool. The pool was small but it worked just fine for my little one. Every morning, expect for our last morning  it was pouring the rain, so my daughter would swim after breakfast, then by late afternoon the sun was out and we hit the amusement park. As you can see below the standard double room was very comfy and clean. This hotel should not be marked as a 2 1/2 star hotel, by the travel sites. I think it should be at least a 3 star. I would definitely stay here again.

Do to the rain Kings Island had to cancel their big 4th of July firework show that was suppose to be the night of the 4th, until the 5th. Bummer for everyone who braved the pouring rain that day just to see the firework show. But it worked in our advantage, all I can say is we got lucky and we got to see the firework show the next night. We had the perfect place to watch the fire works. We went to the Reds Hall of Fame resturant inside the park and got a table outside. They were having half price wings at that time so the food and view was great. During the firework show we could see shadows of Diamond Back running, the Vortex and the Wind Seeker. I have to say it was really awesome seeing it from where we were sitting. Kings Island did put on a good firework show that night.

The whitish blur is the Wind Seeker ride.

Before the fireworks started that night we paid extra to go thru the Dinosaur Alive Exhibit and watched the 3D movie. If you have little ones this is something great to to thru. The 3D movie in my opinion was not worth paying the extra money for. Just buy the ticket for the exhibit. My daughter thought most of the dinosaurs were real. The dinosaur made noises by roaring and they moved their mouths and eyes. Below is just a few pics of the dinosaurs. I hope I matched up their names correctly. They also offered a Dig Site, but it so muddy due to all the rain, we bypassed that. This is a great learning exhibit for any child.

We had a very good three days in Mason Oh. Our last day there, we were able to soak in the sun at the water park, before heading back home. I guess it pays to have season passes. Because this trip saved us a ton of money and it basically paid for our season passes. What did you all do on the 4th and the week following it? Did you go on any vacations or small trips?

Please note I was not paid anything or did not receive anything for writing this post. Everything in this post was my honest thoughts.

Our first Mother Daughter Tea

Yesterday I got to do something really special with my daughter. We attended a special event high tea at the Sisters Tea Parlor in Buckner, KY.  This event was called the Scrumdiddlyumptious Tea Party. It was themed after the Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
The best part about this tea, I think was getting ready for it. My daughter wore one of her fancy church dresses. I wore a very nice pair of white capris, a black top, with a pair of dressy white open toe, full back out, little heeled shoes. I also broke out my expensive derby / church hats. We had fun picking out which one we wanted wear. I picked out a solid white hat and my daughter chose a pink and black hat. After the hats were picked out, we had to finish up our outfits with jewelry. I never let my daughter near my jewelry box, but today we both went thru it looking for necklaces. I picked out a black, gray stone, chain design and she went for a little necklace that had different stones in a tear shape. (I think I am brave letting her wear that necklace).

The tea party was so beautiful. The servers were dressed as Pink Loompas. The decor pertaining to scenes in the movie. Below is just some that I thought were cool.

The Great Glass Elevator

The bad  egg

The Boat

The food was so delicious. Especially the two bottomless pots of tea we had. The three courses consisted of

First Course:
The Candy man's Fruit Salad

Second and Third Course was the three tier tea tray it included:

Chicken Pecan Log Roll
Sweet Potato Empanada
Caramelized Onion Cheesecdake
Chocolate Crostini with Sea Salt

Candied Bacon Maple Scone
Apple Pie Scone

Violet, you're Violet Blueberry Tart
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone
Lollipop Sugar Cookie
Golden Egg Truffle

Our tea selection for the two bottomless pots of tea:
I've Got the Golden Ticket Black Tea
Jelly Bean Fruit Tea

Out of the two teas our favorite tea was the I've Got the Golden Ticket Black Tea. My favorite off the three tiered tray was the Sweet Potato Empanada. My daughters favorite came from the sweet section and it was the Lollipop Sugar Cookie. Below is some pictures from our table.

The Candy Man's Fruit Salad

The I've Got the Golden Ticket Black Ticket Tea, that was filled with sugar and milk.

The two tea pots

The Three Tiered Tea Tray

We had a wonderful Mother Daughter Outing. I can say our first tea experience went very well. We will definitely be doing this again.

Please note I was not paid anything or did not receive anything for writing this post. Everything in this post was my honest thoughts.