Our first Mother Daughter Tea

Yesterday I got to do something really special with my daughter. We attended a special event high tea at the Sisters Tea Parlor in Buckner, KY.  This event was called the Scrumdiddlyumptious Tea Party. It was themed after the Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
The best part about this tea, I think was getting ready for it. My daughter wore one of her fancy church dresses. I wore a very nice pair of white capris, a black top, with a pair of dressy white open toe, full back out, little heeled shoes. I also broke out my expensive derby / church hats. We had fun picking out which one we wanted wear. I picked out a solid white hat and my daughter chose a pink and black hat. After the hats were picked out, we had to finish up our outfits with jewelry. I never let my daughter near my jewelry box, but today we both went thru it looking for necklaces. I picked out a black, gray stone, chain design and she went for a little necklace that had different stones in a tear shape. (I think I am brave letting her wear that necklace).

The tea party was so beautiful. The servers were dressed as Pink Loompas. The decor pertaining to scenes in the movie. Below is just some that I thought were cool.

The Great Glass Elevator

The bad  egg

The Boat

The food was so delicious. Especially the two bottomless pots of tea we had. The three courses consisted of

First Course:
The Candy man's Fruit Salad

Second and Third Course was the three tier tea tray it included:

Chicken Pecan Log Roll
Sweet Potato Empanada
Caramelized Onion Cheesecdake
Chocolate Crostini with Sea Salt

Candied Bacon Maple Scone
Apple Pie Scone

Violet, you're Violet Blueberry Tart
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cone
Lollipop Sugar Cookie
Golden Egg Truffle

Our tea selection for the two bottomless pots of tea:
I've Got the Golden Ticket Black Tea
Jelly Bean Fruit Tea

Out of the two teas our favorite tea was the I've Got the Golden Ticket Black Tea. My favorite off the three tiered tray was the Sweet Potato Empanada. My daughters favorite came from the sweet section and it was the Lollipop Sugar Cookie. Below is some pictures from our table.

The Candy Man's Fruit Salad

The I've Got the Golden Ticket Black Ticket Tea, that was filled with sugar and milk.

The two tea pots

The Three Tiered Tea Tray

We had a wonderful Mother Daughter Outing. I can say our first tea experience went very well. We will definitely be doing this again.

Please note I was not paid anything or did not receive anything for writing this post. Everything in this post was my honest thoughts.

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