Rolo Stuffed Marshmallow Campfire Style

Just imagine a melted gooey marshmallow filled with chocolate and caramel. I saw only a picture of this on Pinterest the other day. There was no directions on how to make this or even if they tasted good. So I decided to give this rolo inside a marshmallow roasted by a campfire a try on our camping trip.

You will need:
1 bag of Rolo's
1 bag of Marshmallow
1 roasting stick

Place one rolo inside of a marshmallow and place it on the stick. This looks like an easy task but it is not. I found it hard to get the rolo inside of the marshmallow. One of the members of our party came up with the idea to split the marshmallow in half then place the rolo inside and finally closing the rolo inside the marshmallow. Once the rolo is inside the marshmallow place your stick over the campfire to roast. Roast the marshmallow with the rolo inside to your desired doneness.

If you have ever roasted a marshmallow over a campfire you know it does not take long to burn your marshmallow or set it on fire. In this case it does not take long for the marshmallow to burn and the rolo to burn.The time it takes the marshmallow to melt or burn the rolo does not have time to melt or get really soft.

Overall the marshmallow with the rolo tastes really good. I think it is time consuming when there is children involved. If you plan on making this I would make them before the campfire gets going. If you try this please let me know your thoughts on how you think it tastes and if you find any solutions on how to get the rolo to melt inside the marshmallow I would love to hear about it.

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