Our Great Kentucky Camp Out 2013

In my childhood days my family and I went camping every year. When I say camping I really mean camping, we had no camper or RV, we stayed in tents and slept on air mattress. We also never stayed inside of a camp ground, we always roughed it with no electric and no bathrooms for an entire week. We camped like this for at least twelve years. Every year I would look foward to our annual week long camping vacation at the lake.
We would wake up in the mornings eat a hot big breakfast. Then we would go down to the bank of the lake and play in the water all day. We would also keep my Dad busy by making him drive the boat as we would ski and tube all day. At the end of the day we were always blessed to have an awesome meal and to get together around the campfire to play cards. I have such fun memories of those camping trips.
When I went away for school our yearly camping adventures ended until this year. My daughter and cousins wanted to go camping. Well many things have changed since our last camping trip. We thought about letting the kiddo's experiance camping the way we grew up camping, but with a 3, 5, 7, 13 year old and expecting mother we had to adjust our trip somewhat. We still went camping, but we chose to go to a Camp Ground in the Daniel Boone National Forest, with a pop up camper and only one tent. We had running water and electric. We also had a shower house and bathroom close by.

Compared to roughing it, this was 5 star accommodations.
 Everything was just like camping when I was little besides the extras. The children got to set around the campfire every night and roast marshmellows and play card games. We also had a big breakfast every morning and good supper at night. The kids got to play in the lake everyday. We agreed that with four children and a expecting mother that we did not need to bring the boat this year. We just went to the beach area of the lake and hung out there all day. This way the kiddos all could swim together and build sand castles.
The campfire we had every night.

Breakfast. We had sausage, bacon, scrambles eggs and fried biscuits
The last night at camp supper, we also had a homemade cake on the table too!

The sand the kiddos played in at the beach.

The only thing I could not get use to in the campsite was having our vehicles right in the camp. That took some some getting use to. I loved not having any TV's or Ipads going for five days and four nights. This was true relaxation. I am so wanting to go back soon and bring our bikes and our boat. Do you like camping? What is some things you cook at the campsite and or do?

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  1. Looks like you had a great family time on your camping trip. You also seem so organized. The food looked like you were dining at the ritz. If I was in charge, I would burn down the woods; forget the mosquito repellant so we would have 1,000 bites the first night; and track dirt in the tent. :P Glad I met you on the Friday Fun Hop.