My Favorite Fall Urn Pins

I just love this time of year. I love the smell of the leaves, cool nights and all the colors in the leaves. With the different colors decorating for fall can be very fun. I wanted to show you some things that I have been pinning on Pinterest that involve urns. Urns can be classy to unique. I have learned through these pins that urns are not just for planting anymore.


I love the colors in this picture. The rustic urns adds character to the picture. I am not a big fan of the black bird perched on the pumpkin. I have a fear of birds. But the color black does add contrast to the design. If you take the bird out of the decor the porch looks


I love the white pumpkins mixed with the fall leaves. 


I like this picture because it is simple and elegant.


This is another picture of a simple yet cute fall porch. ( I think I am a little bias because this is my front porch) I love urns with mums in them and I think the yellow against the red brick stands out.


This is my favorite fall decoration. I love the rustic colors and the lights at the bottom of the urn. I love how the three pumpkins have holes in them and how they are stacked on top of each other.


The 3 tier pumpkin is very cute on an urn. I love how the creepy vines are hanging from the urn. You could write trick or treat on on side of the pumpkins and then after Halloween you can just turn the pumpkins around and have a beautiful Thanksgiving decoration.

If you have any pictures of fall decorations in urns please feel free to share. I hope you liked looking at my favorite fall urn pins. If you want to see more of things I pin, follow me on pinterest. 

DIY Pumpkin mesh wreath

DIY - Pumpkin Mesh Wreath

One of the items I have been working on is an Art Deco pumpkin mesh wreath. This was the first time I had ever used Art  Deco mesh. And oh my.... I love.

I chose to make the wreath out of the following materials:

1 roll orange Art Deco mesh
1 embroidery hoop
Latch hook canvas
1 big bag of pipe cleaners
Orange tulle
Green tulle
green pipe cleaners
brown pipe cleaners

Take the latch hook canvas and connect it to the embroidery hoop. I just hooked the canvas around the outer hoop with pipe cleaners. 

 Cut the art deco mesh into strips that are about 4 inches wide and about 4 inches long. Roll the mesh strip up and take a pipe cleaner and twist it. Then take the pipe cleaner and attache it to the latch hook canvas. Continue to due this until the you receive the fullness desired.

When it is time to place the green top on the pumpkin you cut the green tulle just like you would the mesh and you will do the some procedure as the mesh but use a green pipe cleaners to attach the green.

I used brown pipe cleaners to make the stem. I just made big circles around the loop.

Since I have a glass storm door on my front door, I needed to hide the latch hook canvas from the back. So I took some some orange tulle and wrapped it around the back of the wreath. The tulle sticks to the mesh so you do not have to attach or glue the tulle to anything.

back of pumpkin wreath

front of wreath

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Homemade Laundry Detergent

Homemade Powder Laundry Detergent

I have always made laundry detergent in liquid form. But this time around, I decided to make powder laundry detergent. Making powder laundry detergent is much easier and faster than liquid.

Material needed:
2 cups Borax
2 cups Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda
1 bar Fels-Naptha Soap

Step 1
Grate the Fels-Naptha Soap. If you want a finer soap you can place the Fels-Naptha Soap in a food processor. I did not have food processor so I just grated my soap. 

Step 2
You need 2 cups of Borax. I would recommend placing the 2 cups in a bowl and making sure all the clumps are broken up. If your detergent has clumps you will find those clumps at the bottom of your washing machine.
Tip: Borax neutralizes odor. Sometimes I added more Borax if the articles being washed have a very strong odor.

Step 3
Add 2 cups of Arm and Hammer Super Washing Soda

Once you add the Arm and Hammer your powder laundry detergent is complete. Most directions that I have read says it takes 2 table spoons per wash. Since all washing machines are different sizes.I would recommend you experiment with the amount and find the amount that you need for your washing machine Since this laundry detergent is a low sud detergent, you can also use this in front loader washing machines too.

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Princess Room

I just had to share this... last Saturday during my mother daughter outing we came across this wall decal that said princess. It had a crown, wand and big diamonds on the decal. Did I forget to mention this was only $1.00 WOW!
This was how I placed the decal over my daughters head bed. Each piece was individually placed on the wall.

I also came across this tissue box. Yes I said tissue box. I am excited about a tissue box.
 Who would have thought a Disney Princess tissue box for only $1.00.
 I just had to show this decal again I love it.


'                         15 WAYS TO RID YOUR HOME OF LIZARDS
Some people say it is good luck to have a lizard in our home. Lizards help keep the insect population down and yada-yada-yada… But who wants them in their home? I think it is just creepy when you stumble across on in or outside your home. Especially when they are on the brick of your home next to the entrance door just hanging there looking at you and you know the moment you open that door that lizard could possibly run inside your home. For the past month I have been on a mission to find ways to rid my home of these creatures. So far I have found 15 ways and if you know of anymore please leave a comment and I will add it to the list. 1) Rid your home of bugs inside and out. You can buy a pesticide for the inside and outside of the home.

2)  Move your furniture away from the walls and take down mirrors and frames off the walls. You don’t want to leave them any good hiding places.

3) Lizard traps. I was unable to find any of the lizard traps at my local hardware stores. I just used a sticky mat that catches mice. Or you can make your own with cardboard and glue. I would also buy fly strips for outside also.
4) Laxman Rekha- this is a chalk like powder that they use in India. When this powder is laid down it makes a barrier line. You can place this in the threshold of doors and window seals. This is very hard to find. You might want to try the internet or a Indian grocery store
5) Spray Wasp pray around your windows, outside of your home and rooms that you have seen lizards in.
6) Buy an Electronic Lizard Repellant.  You can find these thru online retailers. These are very expensive. I would only use this as a last resort.
7) Egg Shells - Leave egg shells in places you have seen the lizards. The eggs will send the lizards packing to another yard or house.
 8) Moth Balls - Place moth balls in the placed that you know the lizards have been. Also place them in pots and underneath plants. I plan to hang a bag from my outside light.
 9) Fertilizer - Fertilize everything. At least you will have a great looking yard and flowers.
 10) Clean your house - You must get rid of the dirty laundry piles, box’s, food on the counter and tables and fix all leaky faucets. You also need to seal all holes that you think a lizard can squeeze thru. Don’t forget these things can fit into the tiniest of cracks.
 11) Keep the temperature in your house really cold. Lizards do not like the cold and usually they will go somewhere else.

12) If you must turn your outside lights on, exchange the bulbs out for yellow bulbs or sodium vapor bulbs.
13) I you don’t want to do harm, try to catch the lizards when you see them, by spraying cold water at them. The cold water slows them down so you can catch them and relocate them.
14) Tabasco Sauce - Mix 2 table spoons of Tabasco sauce in a bottle of water and spray everywhere a lizard has been or you can spray the lizard itself. I would continue to spray the areas daily until you see no more lizards.

15) If all else fails buy a cat.

Please note that I have not tried all on this list.

Iceberg Picture

Iceberg Picture 

Have you ever received a gift and had no clue what to do with it? I received a gift from my husband many years ago; in fact I think it was while we were dating, I was clueless on what to do with it. This gift ended up being boxed away for years. I had actually forgotten about  it until I opened a box that was heading out to our moving sale. There it was, just a white mat surrounding a blue picture of an iceberg. The words on it read: "The depth of a soul is not measured by what appears on the surface, but what lies in the heart." But I still had no place for it, no decor to match it or even a frame for it. Instead of trying to sell it, I kept the picture for sentimental reasons.

With money being tight due to moving into our new home I just could not run out and buy paint for every room. So I have had to make do with some of the colors in my house. My upstairs bathroom was one of those rooms that fell into that category. This bathroom was painted blue with a white vanity and a chrome light fixture. I have placed a blue and and black shower curtain in it and added a black rug. Over all the bathroom decor with the blue walls turned out very good. But I needed something over the potty to tie the room together. 

Going through boxes again, I came across the picture of the iceberg. When I looked at the picture this time I immediately thought of my upstairs bathroom.. So I went to Hobby Lobby and found a frame. I wanted this frame to look nice and not overpowering.  I decided on a black frame with chrome trim. I also saved 40% on the frame.

The frame with the picture in it added that special touch to what was missing in my bathroom. I love the picture and I can't believe I have waited this many years to frame and hang it.

Finding the right verse for the kitchen wall

Finding the right verse for the kitchen wall

I have been wanting to place a insprirational bible verse on the wall above my stove. So I have decided to post a bible verse every week until I find the perfect verse.

I have seen the ending on many wall writings. But I feel it is little bit to long for where I want to place it, and I don't want to shorten it. I want a verse that I can place the entire verse on the wall. I really like this verse and it is one of my favorites.

"And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorities, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. "
Joshua 25:15

Religious Wall Hangings

Religious Wall Hangings John 3:16

The other day I was at  Hobby Lobby just walking thru the wall art and I stumbled across this hanging. I was not even looking to buy anything. But I just fell in love with it and I had to have it.  The wall hanging was not priced bad at all and I was able to use a 40% off coupon, so that placed the wall hanging under $20.

Glass and Travertine Mosaic Tile

Backsplash for kitchen.

Doesn't a kitchen with freshly painted grey walls, need a brand new backsplash to match? I found the perfect match for my kitchen at my local Home Depot.  The backsplash I picked out was glass and travertine mosaic wall tile by Jeffrey Court. The name of the tile was Yukon Cliff Brick.

I feel in love with this tile and just had to have it. I was just in luck, because my Dad was in town visiting this past weekend and I was able to sweet talk him into putting my backsplash up. Daddy's can never tell there little girls no.

We used a Simplemat for the backing. This mate is much better than conventional methods, it eliminates the need for mortar, drying and cure time. The simplemat is advertised to be the quickest, easiest and cleanest way to install tile. This mat works best with mosaic tile that has open mesh backing, just like the kind I purchased. I would not listen to the negative reviews on this product. This product does an awesome job,if used with the correct tile.

I wanted this backsplash so bad, that I did not take in consideration on how hard this tile was to put on the wall. The Simplemat was a super adhesive mat. We had to make sure all the small tiles that were on the sheet of tile, was straight and lined up even with the rest of the tile that was already on the wall. When placing the tile to the wall we had only one shot at putting that piece of tile up. Because once you place the tile on that Simplemat it was stuck. We were able to move the tile around somewhat but not very much.

All of the tavertine tiles that were on the mats had to be sealed with a sealant prior to grouting. When using mosaic tiles you can not use a sand grout. If you use a sand grout then you will end up scratching all of the glass on your tiles. Non-sanded grout works best.

Overall the project was quick and simple and it transformed my kitchen. I love my backsplash and my kitchen.

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