Glass and Travertine Mosaic Tile

Backsplash for kitchen.

Doesn't a kitchen with freshly painted grey walls, need a brand new backsplash to match? I found the perfect match for my kitchen at my local Home Depot.  The backsplash I picked out was glass and travertine mosaic wall tile by Jeffrey Court. The name of the tile was Yukon Cliff Brick.

I feel in love with this tile and just had to have it. I was just in luck, because my Dad was in town visiting this past weekend and I was able to sweet talk him into putting my backsplash up. Daddy's can never tell there little girls no.

We used a Simplemat for the backing. This mate is much better than conventional methods, it eliminates the need for mortar, drying and cure time. The simplemat is advertised to be the quickest, easiest and cleanest way to install tile. This mat works best with mosaic tile that has open mesh backing, just like the kind I purchased. I would not listen to the negative reviews on this product. This product does an awesome job,if used with the correct tile.

I wanted this backsplash so bad, that I did not take in consideration on how hard this tile was to put on the wall. The Simplemat was a super adhesive mat. We had to make sure all the small tiles that were on the sheet of tile, was straight and lined up even with the rest of the tile that was already on the wall. When placing the tile to the wall we had only one shot at putting that piece of tile up. Because once you place the tile on that Simplemat it was stuck. We were able to move the tile around somewhat but not very much.

All of the tavertine tiles that were on the mats had to be sealed with a sealant prior to grouting. When using mosaic tiles you can not use a sand grout. If you use a sand grout then you will end up scratching all of the glass on your tiles. Non-sanded grout works best.

Overall the project was quick and simple and it transformed my kitchen. I love my backsplash and my kitchen.

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  1. The kitchen looks awesome with that backsplash. Thanks for sharing this awesome look of kitchen with that tiles. I'm really want this type of kitchen in my home and want to decorate with that mosaic tile.

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