Pepper Jack Jalapeño Hamburgers

One of my good friends told me about this recipe that is totally delicious. Every time this is cooked at their house there is rave reviews and no left overs. I will have to agree with them on this. The night I cooked it, there was no left overs. I never thought about placing all these ingredient's together at the time of marinating.

Items needed:

Hamburger Meat
Greek Seasoning
Pepper Jack Cheese Shredded
Worcestershire Sauce
Salt and Pepper

Take all ingredients and mix them all up in a bowl. I did not give measurements because it varies per pound of meat that you have. Just add as much seasoning, Jalapenos and pepper jack as you like. On the Worcestershire sauce just add enough to moisten the meat. Once you mix everything up, let the mixture marinate for over 6 hours.

When the meat is done marinating, pat out each hamburger to your desired thickness. I tried to get at least one jalapeno on each burger. I think I put to much Worcestershire Sauce on my burgers.

Grill each burger to your desired texture. I like my hamburgers well done.

Below is the final result. The burgers were full of flavor. We placed our burgers on flat bread and added Wickles (pickles), mustard and ketchup to complete our meal.

I hope you enjoy these burgers just as much as my family did. Check out these other great recipes for the grill.

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Check back each week for more delicious grilling recipes and grilling tips. As always I love to hear how your try at this recipe turned out. Did you add something else or leave something out?

Do you have a favorite grilling recipe that you would like to share? Send me a message and I will set you up a date to be a Guest Blogger.

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