10 Things To Do This Labor Day If It Rains

Labor Day weekend is approaching fast and if you live where I live Labor Day is going to be a wash out, thanks to tropical storm Isaac. So I have came up with a list of things to do, that should not hurt the bank account that bad if this holiday turns out to be a rainy one.

1). Go to the movies.
2). Turn the BBQ into a inside party
3). Go shopping
4). Go to a arcade / resturant
5). Play board games at home
6). Go Bowling
7). Go Roller Skating
8). Go swimming at a indoor pool
9). Go to a open gym and play
10). Stay in your PJ's all day

Stormy Gray

 Benjamin Moore Stormy Gray Paint

The first time I ever laid eyes on my kitchen I fell in love with it. When we first moved in we had no intentions on changing anything in the kitchen. I had this theory that the decor I had in my previous home would just flow perfectly in our new kitchen. I was even able to bargain with the previous owners for their kitchen chairs. The kitchen was a grassy green color, with a cherry Pergo floor, the counter was black with tan and brown spots in it and the cabinets has some sort of tan textured paint on them. Once my decor was placed in the kitchen I realized real fast that the grassy green color on the wall was not going to work. Even my husband told me that the green had to go. So with those words said, I started planning.

 With luck on my side, we received a $25 gift certificate in the mail, to be used at any paint store that sold Benjamin Moore paint. I had never actually been to a real paint store before. I don't consider a home improvement store to be an actual paint store. When I walked in I felt completely out of place. For one I was one out of two women in the store, the rest was professional painters and workers. But I had one thing on my mind, I wanted my kitchen to be painted gray.

I decided to go with the Benjamin Moore Stormy Sky #166 eggshell paint. This was a dark gray. It looked like it did not have any blue or green undertone to it in the store. But when I got it home and on my walls it had a slight blue undertone to it. I was very impressed with the quality of this paint. No wonder it was so expensive.

I have placed the before and after pictures below. The before picture is what the kitchen looked like when the previous owners still occupied the home. I was able to find this picture from when the realtor had placed it out on the web when the house was for sale.


I think the gray made a big transformation. When I started painting the room, I was kinda scared when I saw how dark the gray was. But when it was finished I just stood back and said WOW. When I placed all my decor back up the wall the color bought out the gray outlines in the frames. Can  I say again this again I LOVE THIS COLOR!

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From Gray to Black

From Gray to Black?

I recently bought a new home. Well it is new to my family. The home was in very great shape when we bought it, but like all new home owners they want to add their own personal touch. My first project was out with the gray colored french doors and in with the black trimmed in gray french doors.

The above picture is the before picture.

Material used:  Rust-Oleum ultra cover premium latex paint gloss black (fast drying)
                       Paint brush
                       Painters tape

Before I started this project I thought I was only going to paint the door and the stationary window and leave the frame gray, even the middle bar. It turned out awful. So I had to paint the middle bar and I painted the inside of the frame black. I left the outside of the trim gray. I wanted to leave the outside trim gray to match the trim on the outside of the house. But after several days of looking at the gray trim mixed with the black doors, I am going to have to paint the all of the trim black.

I did liked using the Rust-Oleum high gloss paint. I was really impressed with how smooth it went on. The drying time was very fast. There were only two complaints about the paint. The excess paint on the paint brush got very thick and gloppy. I did not like how the paint was very sticky feeling when I tried to remove it from my hands. I had to scrub my hands several times.

During this project I had a blonde moment. It did not dawn on me that I needed to open the door to paint the full door. So here it was late evening and I had to open my back door that did not have a screen and leave it open until the paint dried. Thank goodness that the paint was fast drying paint. Because all I could think of how many little West Nile Virus filled misquotes and flies was getting in my home.


The above picture is what I thought was going to be the final product. I did not like the gray trim around the door, So I painted all of the door frame and trim black.

Welcome to my blog

Hi and welcome to my blog.  I hope you enjoy reading and going thru my projects. I strive to do the best at all I do, even if I mess up I continue to retry until I get it right. My motto is “everything is fixable”.

 I recently moved into a new home, well it is new to my family. The home is in very good condition. It is some what updated.  But like any new homeowner I want to add my personal touch to it. The wheels are turning in my head with all the projects I have planned.

I am the type of person who loves getting a good deal on items. I rarely pay full price for an item and if I have to pay full rack price, it takes everything out of me. My friends call me the coupon queen. I am not an extreme coupon person. I just try to get things on sale. I have no shame in going to discount stores. I even make my family wait on discounts to take vacations.

When I have any down time I love to scrapbook. By all means I am not a professional at it at all. But I enjoy curling up on the sofa with my little one and going thru my scrapbooks. I find that scrapbooking is very relaxing.

Since my child is a big Disney fan. I have found that I enjoy taking Disney vacations. My first visit to the world was when I was teenager and we had no clue how to really do a Disney vacation. We went to conquer the entire park each day. After months and months of extensive research I have found out how to do Disney vacations the correct way that makes you want to go back for years to come.

I could go on and on about everything I enjoy out of life. To sum up my life, I am very blessed to have a wonderful husband and a wonderful child. I thank God everyday for the blessings he has bestowed upon my family.