Dinosaur Party

Little boys and their dinosaurs. When my little man turned 3 years old, I threw him a little get together and the theme was dinosaurs. This was one of the funniest parties I have designed. I loved every little detail about it. The children seemed to love it and the parents seemed to enjoy it also. This party was very simple. I loved how it turned out. 

I made swamp slime, which was made out of lime jello. I found these really cool wooden spoons and I tied them to the jars. 

Sprinkled Caramel Apples was a hit at the desert table. The sugar cookies was just dinosaur foot steps. You can't forget the no bakes. 
The cute dinosaur food labels was printed from supermommy.com. The labels are free to print and they are so adorable. 

The cake was a simple vanilla and chocolate cake. I love the dinosaurs on it. You can't have a dinosaur party without prehistoric dirt. I placed Oreo Dirt Cake in the jars. The parents loved them. I even offered a healthy alternative to all the sweets. I offered apples and oranges. 

Here is what the full sweet table looked like.  I had placed the sweet table inside my kitchen, along with the food table. The main party was actually outside. 

We had dinosaur eggs.

A 'Let's Rawr" sign

Each chair had a tail tied to each. Every child received a tail with a dinosaur hat and was able to take them home. 

There was a dinosaur trail leading the children to the party table. 

There was an excavation dig. Where each child was able to search for dinosaur skeletons. 

The children had a blast at the party. Some children played in the sand, while the other children played on our swing set. My son still talks about his dinosaur party, and I think he wants another dinosaur party at his next birthday.

If you live in the Louisville, KY area I would love to design a party for your little one or for your next party.