Meaningful Christmas Ornaments

I have decided to finally take down the Christmas decor today, do to it being bitterly cold outside today. As all the ornaments were starting to be placed in boxes, it dawned on me that I have not wrote about my new Christmas ornaments this year, well for last year. Have you ever heard of a Memory Christmas Tree? I don't know how I started making my Christmas tree a Memory Tree, I just started buying ornaments that were meaningful to me and my family. It all started when my husband and I got married and I got my first Lenox ornament for a our first Christmas. Then when our daughter was born I bought her a Lenox ornament, along with my first mommy to be ornament. Since then, I have added way more meaningful ornaments. I try to get ornaments for events that happen in our lives. for instance like playing a sport for the first time, taking a trip where we have never been, or a life changing event.
This year was our first year ever getting to go camping in the wilderness with a camper. It was my daughters first ever  wilderness camping experience. 

This year we welcomed a new edition to our family.

Here is my mommy to be ornament for our newest edition for 2013. I wrote  on the bottom with a sharpie the year  and the words mommy to be. I love this ornament. The blanket the baby is wrapped in is blue and the stork is pink. 

Since we added to our family we needed a new snow people ornament with all of our names on it. 

As a family we took our first trip snow skiing. We went to Snowshoe WV. We really enjoyed this trip.  Just wished I would have gotten the chance to learn how to snow board, but I was still recovering from having our newest edition, so I just watched everyone have fun.

This ornament was for my daughter. While we were at Snowshoe, WV she took her first lessons on how to snow board. This ornament looks just like the outfit she wore. If only the pants were black and the gloves were pink. 

This year we went to the Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, OH twice. Our first time ever going was also my daughters first trip getting to bring a friend along. The second trip was the last trip as a family of three. 

My daughter got to go to her first skating parties.

This ornament was made in 2012 and was given to me from my daughter as a Christmas present that was made in school. I will cherish this ornament the most.

Do you have a memory Christmas tree? If you do I would love to hear of the type of ornaments you place on your tree. I still have three more ornaments to find to represent my daughter starting kindergarten, a coaching ornament and a ornament representing our season passes to a amusement park. 

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