Thunder Over Louisville

Hi everyone. I am still here. It was a crazy week last week and this week is following the same path. I think it something to do with Spring. I live in the Derby City so the two weeks leading up to Derby can get fun. This past Saturday the City of Louisville hosted Thunder Over Louisville. Thunder is one of the  largest annual fireworks shows in North America. It is estimated that 500,000 people attended this years 2013 Thunder Over Louisville event. Along with the firework show there is an airshow that lead up to the grand event.

My family and I were not one of the 500,000 people attending this years air and firework show. I am not the type of person who likes really big crowds, I get very nervous when it is time to get in the big traffic jams going home. So my family and I decided to watch the fireworks from the comfort of our own home. But to celebrate the event we drove over to one of the small airports to see some of the aircraft's that were participating in the event. I was able to take a few pictures of the planes before my phone went dead. It would be my luck the one time I don't bring my big camera my phone dies.

It was fun getting to see some of the planes. When we left the airport we started driving toward downtown so we could see some to the planes in the air. We got lunch and parked on a hill and got to see several planes fly over.

 Have you ever attended Thunder Over Louisville? How about the Kentucky Derby?

Besides Thunder Over Louisville this past weekend, Sunday was my Birthday. I had the best birthday ever. We went to church, I got to pick lunch, got to take a nap, we went out for cake and ice cream then I actually got to watch a movie all the way thru. Doesn't that sound like a wonderful birthday?
Have a Great Day.


  1. i went to the derby once... but now one was racing. lol. we just walked around!

  2. I live in the Derby City also and love your blog.I made the Stuffed Pasta Shells for dinner tonight and the hubby and our son loved them.Thanks!