Special ornaments

As a little girl I remember getting to help hang ornaments on the Christmas tree. One ornament that sticks out in my mind from way back then, was a little red cow bell. Every year I wanted to place that ornament on the tree. This year my little one was grabbing ornaments and placing them all over the tree. There is some ornaments that I have collected over the years and it made me very nervous when she touched them. Do you have any favorite or special ornaments?

This is my Lenox wedding ornament.

This ornament represents my husbands and daughters first trip to Walt Disney World.

We all need our Mommy to be ornaments.

This is one of my newest ornaments. Our new home.

My daughter started dance last year. The date is on the back of the shoes.

What tree would not be complete with out the family names.

This ornament celebrates my daughters first Christmas.

This is another new ornament on my tree this year. We just started basketball in the fall. I have not told you all yet, but I am her coach.

This ornament is for the first Christmas my husband and I was married.
The cow bell from when I was little.

I hope one day that some of these special ornaments that I have collected will hang on my daughters Christmas tree. What is some of your special ornaments?


  1. Special! I buy an ornament for each of my kids each year that is a reflection of their year. I only started this the past few years, but they love it. Even my teens!

  2. I did a special ornament post this year, too! Ornaments are such a great way to share a story or memory. You should go check mine out. I am following you from the Sunday Sync blog hop,


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