Magical Santa Key

Since we will be celebrating our first Christmas in our new home. Our daughter has been very worried, that Santa will not find her, since our home does not have a chimney.  If she only knew..LOL. So where does a desperate mom go when searching for something? Pinterest it is. I looked at several different versions of Santa Keys and how people decorate them. There was some with a long story that I could have used, but I wanted to bring it down to a four year old perspective. I came up with a little poem, typed it up, grabbed the scrapbook acid free paper and hit print. I was also lucky to have red and white ribbon in my scrapbook supplies too.
As for the key, there is some sentimental meaning behind it. In our old house, we had some skeleton key locks that no longer worked and they were going to be replaced. Shhh.. I took one of the keys. One day I will tell my daughter that the key is from the first house she lived in. If you are not blessed to have old skeleton key doors in your home. I think you can pick up a key like this in any craft store or a key store.
On to the poem. If you like what your read please feel free to use the poem. All I ask is to not mass produce the poem without my consent.

On the night before Christmas
On the door it will be
A special key
For you and I to see

No worries or fears
Santa's reindeer's will see
The magical glow
Where the special key will be

I plan to have my daughters Elf (Isabella) bring it tonight. Along with having Isabella having the Bible open to the birth of Jesus.
Have a Merry Christmas!