Utilizing your Smart Phone

I hope everyone got everything they needed for Christmas on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I am almost done with my shopping. I just wished my husband would tell me what he wants for Christmas. If you are not done shopping, I hope this post will help you save money. I only try to buy items that are on sale. But sometimes the sale price in one store is not the best sell price out on the market. Instead of running from one store to the next looking for the best price, utilize your smart phone. There is some great apps that are awesome and free, that will show you where the best deal is at. I have four apps on my phone that I use and they are:

Lets you take a picture of the item, scan a bar code or enter a title or bar code number. This app will give you online prices and local prices.

Red laser
 lets you type the name or the bar code or scan the item.

Amazon app
allows you to scan the bar code  or type in the product. Here you can see what is selling for online.

is another great app. If the buy it now price and shipping is cheaper you can save some big bucks.

If you know of any other good apps please let me know. The above apps are for an IPhone. But I am sure if you have another phone there is apps that will do the same thing,

Please note I am not being paid or compensated in any way to talk about these companies. I am only sharing ways to help you save money.

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