Hill Crest Avenue 2012

Halloween Night 2012

Hi everyone! We went to a street that is called Hill Crest Avenue on Halloween night. This street totally gets into the spirit of Halloween and I wanted to show you some of the pics that I took of the homes that was there. The homes on this street goes all out. It is amazing to see some of the decorations.

This picture and the one below is all from the same house. This was my 2nd favorite one.

This decorations is totally neat. Who would have thought to dig a hole and place a skeleton?

This was my favorite decoration.

The Grim Reaper in the picture is real. He would try his best to scare you. He would stand still unto you walked by.

Look at the detail to those skeletons. WOW!

This one was very neat too!

We had a blast on Halloween night and I wish I could share the rest of the pictures with you. I took so many that I had to pick out my favorites. If you notice the pics were taken during the evening hours, because this street gets very crowded and very scary when the sun goes down. With having a four year old it would have been way to scary for her. Hope you all had a Happy Halloween.

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  1. Oh my goodness, those people go Halloween Crazy! So many fun ( and scary ) things to see! You are right... at night I bet it's really freaky! Happy to be your follower #42!!! jules