Eighties style turned Princess style

Eighties style turned Princess style

Remember those old 80's style night stands that were white and gold and in every little girls room? I picked one up at the Goodwill 10 yrs ago and I stained it a dark walnut, with a tan top.

This looked good with my bedroom suite. Not bad for my first refinishing project. I have another one that I redone at the same time in my guest room. So it was not that hard to redo it. 
When we moved my daughter felt like she needed one of these nightstands in her room and with her being so spoiled, like all children are....I placed one in her room.
The more I looked at my daughters new room the more I felt like it needed more pink. The walls were painted baby blue when we moved in and she wanted to keep the color blue. She is in a blue phase.
So I grabbed the pink paint and my pineapple soda paint and I thought I would surprise her with a new nightstand. 
I sanded and painted and painted and painted. I did not sand all of the dark off. I just basically roughed the stain up and just painted over it.

The yellow paint was not my friend in this project. It took 3 coats to cover that dark stain. 
Okay, I need to tell you the story about the color pink that was used. It was the paint that we used in my daughters room at our old house. We had painted her room several months before we moved.  I was sad to see that cute room go. So my wonderful husband packed the left over paint for me. Isn't he so sweet?

So here is the night stand. I am glad I used the old paint. It brought a little bit of our old house with us.

I love it. I can't wait to get the other nightstand out and paint it a different style for my guest bedroom. I bought the hardware at Lowe's, I was kinda iffy about it but when I placed them on it, I think it made it pop.

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