Frozen Yogurt Grapes

I have seen this recipe float around Pinterest several times and I always wanted to try grapes covered in greek yogurt and frozen. Have you pinned something similar? I was thinking about making these and bringing them as a healthy snack to my daughters classroom on our day for snacks. This snack is very easy to make, but messy. I tried making it several ways. The first way, was to place the greek yogurt in a zip lock bag and add the grapes then place the zip lock bag in the freezer. The result, one big frozen yogurt grape mess. So I tried using a toothpick thru the grape, dipping the grape in the yogurt. Then placing them on a plate, that was placed in the freezer. This way worked great. The grapes did not come out looking like all the gorgeous pictures I see on Pinterest. I guess the pictures I looked at must have been photo shopped... lol. Anyways besides the prettiness of the yogurt covered grapes, they are fantastic and so addicting.
I have only two complaints about this snack. One complaint is that when they start to thaw the yogurt turns back into yogurt, which gets sticky and messy. The last complaint, they are very cold when you take them out of the freezer, not good to try on a zero below day. This would be a very good snack on a hot summer day, if you eat them fast.
In conclusion,  I don't think I will be able to serve this as a snack to my daughters class. I have got to get back to the drawing board for the snack idea.

Have you tried these yummy grapes yet? What was your thoughts on the grapes?

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