Do you have a Carbon Monoxide Detector in your home?

With some of the coldest weather knocking on everyones doors here soon, I want to remind everyone to make sure they have a Carbon Monoxide Detector that is working properly on every floor of their home.  I am reminded of the post I wrote on January 25 of last year, when our furnace lost it's up draft, malfunctioned and poured carbon monoxide into our home. With this cold weather coming our furnaces will be working overtime. Take care and stay warm.

Friday, January 25, 2013

I thank GOD today that my family is alive.

Today I want to give thanks to God. Last night I was awaken by three alarms going off in my home. As I was getting up to go check them out, I thought to myself I hate those detectors, those things are out of batteries or malfunctioning again. Low and behold they were actually protecting our lives. When I made my way to the basement I could see the numbers on one of the Carbon Monoxide detectors was not flashing zero like the time before. My eyes grew big, when I saw the number flashing 188. The other detector I had downstairs which is just a plain circle detector was going off too. I knew this was not a malfunctioning or battery problem. I rushed back upstairs to my main level and the detector there was reading below 100, but still beeping. I knew we had a problem, but I still had no clue what to do. I went to my trusty Google and searched for carbon. All I remember is reading turn off furnace, call fire department, leave home. But there was still one more problem after I read that.What number do I call? My problem was not really a 911 urgent issue, but I did not have the direct number to our dispatch either. So I called the only number I knew for our city and from there the nice lady directed me to our Metro Safe and gave me that number. Remember I am still in the high level carbon home, with the kitchen door standing wide open, letting the house air out while I make my call to the fire department.  During all this commotion I had to take my daughter next door to Grandma's house so she could be safe. The firemen came with their sirens and lights. I am assuming it woke up all the neighbors. My sweet daughter missed it all, because I made her go to Grandma's. The firemen did detect that there was Carbon Monoxide in the home. They made sure the gas was turned off and that the levels were safe for me stay in my home.
Bright and early this morning I called the plumber to come out and the furnace company. Come to find out my furnace was not working properly. I could write a whole blog page on this rant about the furnace issue when we bought the house, but I am going to chalk it up to, live and learn and be thankful the furnace is fixed and I did not have to buy a new one.
As for Carbon Monoxide detectors I hope and pray you have one for every floor of your house. There nothing wrong with having two on every floor. Please check these often. Because these detectors saved my daughters and my life last night. I also will stress to make sure you get your furnace cleaned every year. Please protect your family from this silent killer. All I can say is THANK YOU JESUS for putting your love and protection around my family.

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