Are you still buying College Textbooks?

Are you in college? Have you ever heard of renting a text book? Yes it is true you no longer have to buy the text book that is required for a course anymore. is a website where you can rent your college textbooks and save 40 -90% off bookstore prices. They even offer free shipping both ways. You can even highlight in the books you rent.
This site also offers a way that students can rent the text books they already own to other students too. What a great way you can make some cash rather than selling those textbooks back to the campus bookstore.  The website tells you just how much your textbooks are worth.
With each textbook that is rented a donation will be given to Operation Smile. Wow.. saving money and helping out a child's smile, all at the same time, you can't beat that. I wish this was around when I was going thru college.  I have included a video that will sum up on how the renting process works.

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