Oh No, my daughter starts Kindergarten in a few days.

My daughter starts Kindergarten in a few days. I thought I was ready for the start of this new phase in her life. But in reality, I am so scared for her. Today just thinking of her going to Kindergarten made me cry. I don't know if it was just pregnancy hormones or that it finally hit me full force that my little one is not so little anymore. It is time for her to show her independence, she does not need me holding her hand walking her to class anymore.
So within the next few days my daughter will be dropped off at the front door of this big school that houses Elementary, Middle and High school students.This is not going to be like Preschool. Where I got to walk her to her classroom and sign her in. Where I had the peace of mind all day knowing she was safe in her classroom. For the past three years I have placed her where she needed to be. In a few days I will only be able to do half that. I will be able to walk her or pull the car to the main door and watch her walk into this big school all by herself.
I guess I can't change my mind now on where she is going to school, with just a few days before school starts. All the supplies and clothing have been bought.  Many prayers have been prayed for her to get accepted into this school. I know it is where she is meant to be. I pray I will be able to walk her to her classroom the first few days school starts and have the opportunity to be waiting outside of her classroom for pick up. I know she will be nervous the first and second day until she makes friends, but in the end she will love it. Because the friends she makes in Kindergarten will be the ones that she graduates High school with. I will look back at this post at the end of her Kindergarten and High school career and laugh at my panic attack. I just wish the school would give better directions on drop off and school pick up since they don't have a car pool line. I go this Thursday for orientation, maybe all my questions and my nervous will be eased that day.

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