My first adventure in school lunch making

Tomorrow starts a new chapter in my daughters life. She starts Kindergarten. I am nervous for her, but I am very excited for her. Tonight we got together her outfits for the rest of the week and I packed her backpack with all the school supplies that was requested. I also packed my first school lunch box. I want my daughter to have options for lunch.  I don't want her to think, just because I packed her lunch, she is going to be forced to eat it. So for the past week I have been prepping her on the fact that she has money in her school account for lunch. If she does not want to eat what is packed, she is more than welcome to eat the cafeteria food. The catch to this, is that she will only be able to buy extras, like ice cream and cookies on Friday's.
I wanted to make my daughters first day of school special and I wanted to pack her a cute lunch. I love browsing Pinterest pins about the Bento lunches. I have never been lucky to find the cutters that are needed for these sandwiches in stores, until now. I was browsing the baby isle at Wal-mart and guess what I found? Cute animal sandwich cutters! The lunch I packed holds no bearing to the cool designs of the Bento lunches, but I think my daughter will be smiling when she opens up her lunch box. I just pray that she will not be hungry after her 10:40 am lunch. (I think that is is way to early for lunch).
We had so much fun finding her lunch box. We picked up this lunch box at Justice. It matches her backpack and water bottle too.

How cute are these elephant sandwiches? My daughter is in the phase of liking Bologna right now.

Inside the compartment of the container, I have added carrots and not pictured is a small pack of ranch in the empty spot. I also added a few of her favorite chips.

I finished up her lunch with a squeezable container of applesauce and a Capri Sun. I also added a napkin too. 
I hope she enjoys her first day school lunch. Do you make school lunches for your little ones? Please give me tips on what I can pack for her. Sandwiches will get old really fast.

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