Kindergarten Brigance Screening

Today my daughter had to go for her Kindergarten Brigance Screening. Have any of your kids ever been tested for this? I have never heard of this test until a week ago, when I got the call to reserve her testing slot. I thought my husband was going to be the only one taking our daughter for this test, due to me having to work, but I surprised our daughter and showed up for the testing too.I just love slow days at work. I am so glad I went. We got to find out where her class room was located and we got to meet her teacher.
My daughter was very nervous about the test and I was nervous for her. As she was in the room being tested, I was able to hear all the questions and answers being said. I was proud of my daughter. She answered almost all the questions right. There was some questions where I could tell she was nervous on answering and she missed them.
So before today, I tried to research what type of questions would be asked during this test and there is really nothing out there. There was one site that said it would give you the questions as a free download, but then it asked for your credit card. Here is some of the questions that I was able to remember that was asked to my daughter. The questions were simple questions.

1) The teacher asked my daughter to write her first and last name.
2) My daughter had to tell her teacher what her address was.
3) The teacher asked for my daughter to say her birthday.
4) The teacher asked her to do her ABC's. My daughter told me the teacher would not let her sing them, she just had to recite them.
5) The teacher asked her to count as high as she could.
6) There was questions about drawing shapes. I am not sure if a picture of the shape was shown or if the teacher said the name of the shape. My daughter said she had to draw a square, traingle, diamond and a circle.
7) There is a section about parts of the body. I guess the teacher pointed to a picture. The teacher pointed to her finger nail and I guess she had on glitter finger nail polish. Because I heard my daughter say I have that nail polish. I think the teacher was trying to get my daughter to say finger nail.
8) There was a math section and my daughter informed her that she had never done math before. If I could hear correctly, my daughter was asked simple questions like how many dots are here. It was nothing like I pictured of math. I was expecting what is 2+2 and so on.
9) The last topic that they covered was about physical education. She told my daughter to stand on one foot, walk backwards. Just simple things children should know by just being a child.

As my child was taking this test I was asked to fill out a questionnaire. I guess this form is design to help the teacher understand the needs of her students.. The form asked me if my child could dress themselve, wipe after going to the potty and so on.
The test only took about 15 minutes. I think this test just helps the teacher understand where the students stand in the learning field. If your child has to go thru this test don't stress over, your child will do just fine. If you know any questions I left out, please let me know in the comment section, so we can help other parents who are curious on what to prep their little ones on.

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