Thrift store tea cups and tea pots

I am just having to much fun planning my daughters Tea Party Birthday. The other day we had a mommy daughter day and we went out thrift store shopping for tea cups and tea pots. I think we did pretty good. At our first stop we found several cups and saucers for 50 cents a cup and 75 cents per saucer. We picked up 10 cups and saucers.

After that we went to two other Goodwill's and we had no luck at any tea cup or tea pots. My daughter wanted dainty tea cups and as a mother, I wanted to find them for her. The one cups were okay and would do, but we still had hope. Our last stop we walked in and there was a tea pot.
 Score $7. In the same store we found what we were looking for.... the DAINTY TEA CUPS and a small tea pot. I knew they were the perfect ones when I glanced at my daughter and she was sitting in the floor playing tea party with them. The tea cups were 50 cents each and the saucers were 75 cents each. We bought 6 tea cups and saucers. I thought the tea pot was more but it turned out to be $1.00.

I just love the dainty tea cups and small tea pot. For the price that I payed for all this, if they get broke they get broke. Buying real tea cups is still much cheaper than having my daughters birthday party at a tea parlor. As you can see it pays to hit the thrift stores.

Stay tuned for more about the Tea Party Birthday Party. If you missed anything about the party planning check the links below.
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  1. I love the little white teapot in the last picture, it's adoreable.

    I'm definitely one of those people who have more teacups than I have friends. I came across this tip the other day, so I guess I have to invest in some all white ones and write secret messages in the bottom as well :)