Chicken Salad

One of the biggest hits at my daughter's tea / birthday party was the Chicken Salad Croissants. I was shocked to see five year old's eating the sandwiches and asking for more. I am not a pro at making Chicken Salad; this was actually my first time making it. I found that making Chicken Salad is fairly simple and easy.

To make Chicken Salad you will need the following.

 Chicken breast - either frozen in a bag or from the meat department
Grapes - I used red ones
White onion
Nuts, pecans (optional)

To make things easier on me, I placed my chicken in the crock pot. I used a whole bag of chicken, due to the number of people I was feeding. You will have to use your own judgement on the amount of chicken you want. Just remember that 1 chicken breast can make about three to four sandwiches using hamburger buns. Place chicken in the crock pot, cover with water and cook on low for 6 to 7 hours. When the chicken starts to fall apart, remove from crock pot and place in a bowl for shredding. The chicken should be so tender that it will fall apart when touched with a fork. The next step is going to need lots of forks or spoons, for taste tasting. Place the desired amount of mayonnaise in your shredded chicken and stir it up. Make sure you don't over do it. You don't want to make it to runny, but then again you don't want to dry either. This is where your taste testing will come into play. Now is a great time to slice the those grapes into and throw them in the salad. Use your judgement on the amount of grapes. I like to use enough grapes that with each scoop there is usually  three to four grapes. I am a type of girl who does not like a chicken salad sandwich that does not have one single grape on it.
This picture is without the mayonnaise in it yet. The grapes were being added.

Once you are happy with the grapes, it is time to place the onion. For me more onion the merry. For a small bowl with t four chicken breasts, I typically use 3/4's of the onion. Make sure you chop it up very good, throw it in the salad and stir it up very good. The next thing that needs to be chopped is the celery. Again for about 4 pieces of shredded chicken I would typically use 2 stalk's of celery, chopped very good. When chopped throw it in the salad and stir very good.
Here is all the ingredients in the bowel with out the mayonnaise in it yet.

 The last thing is to add the salt and pepper to your taste liking. If you want you can add some nuts or pecans to the salad.
This is the finished product.

 My pictures do not show the mayonnaise going in first. You can make it either way. I think it is easier to stir the mayonnaise in first because it is less things to stir. You can always add more ingrediants at any time. I would let the Chicken Salad chill in the fridge for a while so all the ingredients can mingle and blend.

Happy Eating!

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