Finding the perfect birthday invitation

When looking for the right invitation, you need to choose one that goes with the theme of the party. The invitation sets the tone for the party. Think about it, if you received an invitation that was all hand written on a plain piece of paper, would you be excited about going? But if you received an invitation that had been well thought out, maybe designed with the theme on it, would your interest be peaked more? The presentation of the invitation will not only show the person being invited the time, date and location, it will set the expectation for the party.
When choosing my daughters birthday party invitations, I tried to pick an invitation that went with our tea party theme. I am not a big fan about store bought invitations. I try to make all of her invitations by hand with my good old Cricket machine or Hot shot machine. This time around I could not find any scrapbooking die cuts that had a tea pot or tea cup design. I thought I was going to have to free hand a template of a tea cup, but when I was at the party store picking up some supplies, I noticed these adorable invitations.

 Yes, I actually fell in love with store bought invitations. I was not happy with the price $8.99 for 8 invites. But I saw potential in these invitations.
Once I got the invitations home and started fiddling with them, I wondered how I was going to make the invitations pop. I also needed room to let everyone know that this was for a birthday party and that it was a dress up party. So just messing around with one of the invitations, with a black sharpie marker, I started writing on it. I fell in love more with the invitations, as I wrote everything I needed on them.

Doesn't the invitation look like I purchased them with the writing on them? I think I did good this year on her invitations. What do you think?

Stay tuned I will be writing about the decorations, the cake, food and the games soon. If you missed the first entry about the daughters tea party you can find the link below.
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  6. This is adorable! I'm hoping to host a ladies' tea soon and these would be a great way to invite them! Thanks for sharing!

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  8. Adorable! I just got my daughters invitations in the mail today!

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