Where has Isabella the Elf been lately?

Do to the Holiday's, I have postponed Recipe Monday until the New Year. Today I wanted to post about our Elf on the Shelf, named Isabella. Our Elf has not been mischievous yet. I am still letting my four year old get use to her. Isabelle has been in many places here lately. I am still amazed at how my daughter gets up every morning on the hunt for Isabella. It is so cute to watch my daughter go up to her and tell her what she wants for Christmas. I have even heard her tell Isabella to tell Santa that some of her friends need to go on the naughty list. I will not mention names, but my name has been said many times. So here is the top pictures of where Isabella has been lately.

This is my center piece on my kitchen table. Isabella is turned facing the chair where my daughter sits.

My daughter places many of her baby dolls in this basket and she carries them around. Isabella wanted to be carried too!

Isabella swinging on a Snowman tea light

I just love Instagram.

My daughter had her Thomas the Train toys in the Kitchen one night, so Isabella started playing with them.

Isabella hanging by the Barbie pool. If my daughter wants water in her Barbie pool, she must play on the tile in the bathroom.

This was the biggest hit. Isabella building marshmallow men with Frosty the Snow Man.

When my daughter saw this, she just had to make some marshmallow men too.
Hope you liked where Isabella has been these last few days. Stay tuned to see her latest hang outs. Merry Christmas. I have linked this post to the following blogs:


  1. Love the marshmallow snowman idea...I think I only have pumpkin marshmallows though lol

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  3. The snowmen are cute. I love Isabella's skirt, any ideas on where she got it? (We're adding a girl elf next year)

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  5. I have heard so much about this and can't wait till my little ones get old enough to try it out

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  9. We love our elf!!! You've got some fun ideas! I'll have to remember some. ;) Thanks for linking up to our party!!