Outside Christmas Decorations

I just love the Christmas Season. I love driving by homes and seeing all of the Christmas decorations in the yards and windows. Every year I wish that I could twinkle my nose and my Christmas decor would be magically in place outside. I just hate getting out in the cold  to string lights and stake down decorations. Last year my daughter kept saying we were the only house that did not have Christmas lights outside. It broke my heart so bad that I braved the cold and placed all of the lights out. She thought an Elf came and done it. This year the Christmas Decorations for the outside was in place outside before Thanksgiving. 60 degree weather equals Christmas stuff being hung. It was only the weekend before Thanksgiving, I am not that crazy! But boy did I love not freezing. Enough about me, on to the pictures.

Here is my Fiber Optic Santa. The two gnomes, my daughter placed and we just had to keep them there. I think it adds flair.

Frosty the Snow Man

What yard would not be complete with out a blow up?

Our sign telling Santa to stop.

The wreath on the door.
Well that is all of my outside decor. Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas.


  1. Merry Christmas to you, too. I loved all your beautiful Christmas decorations and am with you on not loving putting decorations outside in the freezing cold. So, 60 degrees and decorating sounds great to me, too. By the way, I am following you back, too!!

  2. Thanks for linking up! I don't mind putting the decorations up. It's the taking them down that I hate! Everything looks good!

  3. Very festive! Enjoy your holidays!

  4. Good job on putting the deco up! Looks great. We did ours for the first time ever this year! Stopping by from the GFC blog hop :)