More places Isabella the Elf on Shelf has been

This past week has been an adventure with our elf. My daughter went out of town to spend several nights with my parents and to be in a 2 night showing of Jesus The One And Only which is a Christmas play. While on this trip my little cousin who would be my daughters 2nd cousin, touched Isabella on the hat. She was not aware of the Elf on the Shelf and the rules. My daughter informed her really fast that if you touch the elf, she will loose her magic. Quickly thinking my daughter looked at her best friend and said you must apologize to Isabella and tell her what you want for Christmas, so she does not loose her magic. Thanks goodness problem diverted. So where has Isabella been at this past week?

Isabella looking over my daughters Ginger Bread House that she made the night before.
My daughter places her baby dolls in this basket and carries them around. Isabella wanted her to carry her around too!

Isabella ready to go on a road trip. I made sure my daughters bag was packed the night before, so Isabella could snuggle up in the suitcase. We found Isabella in this same spot the morning my daughter had to come back home.

While at Grandma's, Isabella hung out on the mantel. Isn't that a gorgeous mantel? I will have to show you all my Mom's decorations, they are awesome.

The morning we got home from our trip, we found Isabella in the tower of my daughters play house.

 With just a week left I have some great hiding places for Isabella the elf to hide. I can't wait.

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