How to Snag That Deal On Your Wish List

Do you have plans for this Thanksgiving Holiday? I use to be a die hard Black Friday Shopper. I enjoyed it. My Mom, my Sister-n-law (at that time) and I would shop the morning hours and all day on Friday. As the times moved earlier and earlier, we would start our Thanksgiving evening with the stores that was breaking the traditional Black Friday hours, by opening up on Thanksgiving evening. It seems like every year the stores are opening up earlier and earlier. I remember one of our Black Friday shopping ventures, we slept in our car for 2 hours, we were in that time frame where we had shopped every store that was on our lists, which was opened at that time and we were having to wait until more stores opened up. Most people would have went home, but not us, we had more stores to conquer. We had our shopping down to a science. We could go into a store and be out before the check out lines got long.
To really benefit from Black Friday you have to plan. It is not just one of the those days, you get up and say, I think  I want to go to such and such store. If you are anything like me you are out to find a deal. Black Friday deals are just not on Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday anymore, it starts weeks before the big day. If you are wanting to get that special gadget for the best price out there. You need to do your homework. If you do your homework and stay on top of the sales for the two weeks leading up to Black Friday, you might just get that item cheaper and you don't have to deal with the major crowds. Here is a few tips on helping you grab that deal and to help you plan your Black Friday shopping.

1) Make a list of what you want from each store. You can make this list weeks ahead of time or as soon as the Black Friday Ads appear online. I like using BlackFriday!com. I recommend this site. It has never let me down.

2) Take the lists that you created and write on top of each one what time each store opens up. This will help you on planning which store you should go to first.

3) Map out where all items are. Some stores provide maps just for Black Friday. Make sure you look at them closely. You might think you know where that item is, but they can be moved for the big shopping rush.

4) Decide on the first store you want to start at, and get in line several hours before the store opens.

5) Do not use a shopping cart. When using shopping carts you get stuck in the main aisle with everyone else. Use bags like Ikea shopping bags. You can cut through the clothing aisles and other aisles faster to get to your destination.

6) Try to have a buddy go along with you, and split up your lists. The object is to grab what is on the list and get out before you have to stand in the long check out lines. The faster you get out of the store, the faster you make it to your next store on your list.

7). Starting the week before Black Friday, begin checking the sales ads for online sales. Sometimes stores will offer their Black Friday sales starting that Sunday to order online. It can not get that more simpler to stay at home and get everything you want on your list for the same price a few days earlier.

8) Remember to have fun. Make new friends in line. If you can't find that item always remember you might be able to find it at another store or buy it online.

Hope you have a Blessed Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas. Good Luck on your adventures on Black Friday shopping. I will be thinking of you while I am enjoying my family all warm and cozy.

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