Homemade Carrot Baby Food

Don't be scared to make your own baby food. At first I thought I would not have time to make baby food. My busy schedule and working 40 hours a week makes for making supper a challenge. I  proved myself wrong.  It is easy to feed my baby homemade baby food. I have learned that if I steam any vegatables for supper that night I make more. I then take out a portion place it in the food processor and instantly I have my little mans food for the night and extra for the fridge or freezer. 
Follow these simple steps to achieve making carrots that your little one will eat that comes from your dinner table. 

Things you will need:
Food Processor - I have Cuisinart Prep 9 cup food processor, that I love. 
BPA Storage Containers -Glad makes an awesome BPA free plastic container that is just the perfect size for baby food. 

To start off you need to really wash your carrots. Some people use a solution to clean vegetables. As for me I just scrub and rinse very well. Try to chose organic carrots. If you are unable to get those then make sure you get the full size carrots. Don't get the baby carrots. Once you have cleaned your carrots cut the carrots up and place them in the steamer. Let the carrots steam until soft. It took about 45 mins for mine to get soft. When the steaming is done place the carrots in the food processor. Purée the carrots to the desired thickness your little one will eat. Use the left over juice and water to thin out the carrots if needed. Use only teaspoons. You can always add more to thin. Where you can't thicken up. When the desired thickness is achieved place in BPA free containers for storage in the fridge or freezer. 

I gave carrots to by little one for the first time the other night. I could not get the spoon in his mouth fast enough. Carrots are naturally sweet so it did not surprise me when my little man loved them. Since babies tend to like sweets more than other things.  Please note many people suggest that you should introduce carrots after 6 months, some say 7 to 8 months. You should discuss everything with your doctor if you have any concerns. What types of foods do you give your little one? Do you like making homemade baby food?

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