Where Isabella the Elf has been hiding

Isabella the Elf has been very active at our house here lately. That elf has been getting into some serious mischief. There was one day that I forgot to move Isabella, but it worked out to my advantage. See my daughter the day before was was not being very truthful and she was also not grateful for a star that Isabella brought from the North Pole, that was placed on the top of my daughter's Christmas tree. Isabella was sitting there all day holding that star. I think she was proud of it. My daughter did not like the star and told all of us that. The next morning I forgot to move Isabella from the star and my daughter wanted to know why Isabella did not move. I told my daughter, I guess you hurt her feelings for not liking the star that she brought from the North Pole. I also threw in there, that I believed that Santa had one of his toy working elf's make that especially for her. Isabella also did not place any checks on the Isabella Naughty List that morning either. I went on to tell my daughter that maybe if she apologized to Isabella that she might move while she was at school. I told my daughter that this needed to be a good lesson for her to be grateful for any and all gifts she receives this Christmas season. I did move Isabella while my daughter was at school. I also placed her boarder line check between Good and Naughty on Isabella's Naughty List and wrote she should never be untruthful to Daddy and Mommy.
Here is the star that Isabella brought.
I moved her to the canoe of snowmen that day after the apology.
I had a basket of ornaments that I had not placed anywhere yet. I am starting to grow fond of the basket with ornaments in it. I guess Isabella thought they were a ball pit. We found her playing in the basket.

I guess Isabella was missing Santa this day.

An outside hot tub in a make believe forest.

What a mess, Isabella was playing in the potty paper and fell down the stairs.

What elf ,does not like green milk?
 That's all of the stuff Isabella has done so far. Do you have a Elf on the Shelf? I would love to hear from you, please feel free to offer some suggestions on where I can hide Isabella next.  If you missed my last post about the first week Isabella arrived you can find it at Our Elf on the Shelf Isabella.

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