Baby Pumpkins

Do you know someone who is expecting a little pumpkin of joy anytime soon? If so, baby pumpkins are the cutest ever to make in the fall. You can make them just for a gift or if you are throwing a baby shower decorate with them and use a fall theme. They are super easy to make and it only takes five items to make them.

You will need
Whatever size pumpkin you wish to use. I chose pumpkins from the Dollar Tree. 
Pacifier - I bought mine from the Dollar Tree again. There were two in a pack.
Krylon Glitter Blast Glitter Spray. I used Orange Burst, but you can use any color you wish.
Black Marker

Use your Krylon Glitter Blast to spray the pumpkins. I wanted to spray four small pumpkins. I was unable to spray all four pumpkins with one can. I was pushing it to get three sprayed. I would recommend buying two cans of this before the project starts. You can always take the extra can back if you don't use it.

Spraying the pumpkins was fun. You have to make sure to spray evenly. Some times I found the spray was only spraying the clear coat. So watch out. The spray also likes to run. Over all the Krylon Glitter Blast is messy but in the end your project looks awesome.The glitter does not come off either when rubbed.
After the paint dries decide where you are going to place the pacifier. Cut a hole in the pumpkin. Only make the hole big enough for the plastic part of the pacifier to go in. After trial and error, I learned that if you cut the round part of the pacifier off and just leave the plastic stub it is much easier to go in the pumpkin and stay. Notice in the picture that the hole is more like a rectangle slit.
Place glue on the plastic tip of the pacifier and stick the pacifier in the hole that was cut.
Draw any type of eyes on the pumpkins you like with the marker.
And there you have it, a beautiful baby pumpkin. You can add some bows and ribbons around the stem to make it a girl or add big eye lashes.

These baby pumpkins pictured was used in a baby shower one of my good friends hosted for me.We had a blast making them. To see more of the baby shower click here.

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