The Pocket Hose

I hate having to deal with rubber water hoses. I think they are a pain to place back on the holder. I hate the bends  and kinks that happens to most of them too. I dread every time I have to deal with that bulky rubber water hose. So when I saw the Pocket Hose advertise I thought it would be a neat thing to have, since I use the water hose almost every night, watering flowers in the summer.
Since I was very skeptical about this hose. I waited until I found the Pocket Hose in the store and I had to make sure I got a very good deal on it. I found the 50 foot Pocket Hose at Bed Bath & Beyond. I got to use a 20% off coupon and with that 20% off coupon it took the price just below $15.

After getting the Pocket Hose home, I had to try it out immediately. The hose did exactly what it claimed to do. When the water was turned on, it expanded to 50 foot and when the water was turned off the hose went back to the size that it was, when I bought it. There is only two things that really concerns me. One being that the hose is light green. That light green gets dirty very fast. The second concern is that it takes a long time for the water hose to drain all the water out with a sprayer on it. But if you take the sprayer off it drains very fast.

So I have had my Pocket Hose for little over a month now. I actually love everything about about it, until last night. I was doing general cleaning with the pressure washer. When I was done with the pressure washer I turned the top valve of the hose closed, because I was going to use the hose by itself. Next thing I see is this clear bubble filling up from the side of the hose and within seconds water shot out the side of the hose.

 I am thinking about returning the hose to the store that I bought it at and see if they will exchange it. Even with this mishap, I am still in love with the pocket hose. I think I might give it another chance. I just wish the hose would come with a warranty or something.
Have you ever tried the Pocket Hose? If so, what has been your experience?

Please note that I was not paid or compensated in anyway to write this review. This is a product that I wanted to try. All thoughts and opinions expressed are solo the thoughts of the Nifty Thrifty Mom.

Update on getting a New Pocket Hose:
I took my busted Pocket Hose to Bed Bath & Beyond were I purchased it. With no questions asked they told me to go get another one. So I am back loving my Pocket Hose again. 


  1. interesting! I wondered how that worked... we never used one but recently got one of those spiraly ones and I have been really happy with it. My mom found it for me at a yard sale for $2!

  2. Interesting, I was thinking of buying one.
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    @ Eclectic Red Barn

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