Squeezing every last drop out.

Do you squeeze every last drop out of your lotion bottle or any bottle? Call me cheap, but I try my best to use every drop of lotion that's in the bottle. $12.50 is a lot of money to spend on one bottle of lotion from Bath and Body Works. When the bottle starts getting empty and there is more air than lotion in bottle it is not time to throw it in the trash. There is still a good amount of lotion inside that bottle. Consumer Reports did a special on this and they said that lotion bottles leave about 1/5 of their contents behind in the bottle. 1/5 can last several days. Throwing a bottle away with 1/5 lotion in it, is like throwing money away.
So how do we master the art of achieving that last drop of lotion or any other product we use? Some people set the bottle upside down. Some people try to roll the tube up.The only way that I have found that you can actually use up all that lotion in the bottle is let it stand upside down for a day or two then cutting the bottle in half.
How do you use up all of your lotion? Do you do this with other items?

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