From Gray to Black

From Gray to Black?

I recently bought a new home. Well it is new to my family. The home was in very great shape when we bought it, but like all new home owners they want to add their own personal touch. My first project was out with the gray colored french doors and in with the black trimmed in gray french doors.

The above picture is the before picture.

Material used:  Rust-Oleum ultra cover premium latex paint gloss black (fast drying)
                       Paint brush
                       Painters tape

Before I started this project I thought I was only going to paint the door and the stationary window and leave the frame gray, even the middle bar. It turned out awful. So I had to paint the middle bar and I painted the inside of the frame black. I left the outside of the trim gray. I wanted to leave the outside trim gray to match the trim on the outside of the house. But after several days of looking at the gray trim mixed with the black doors, I am going to have to paint the all of the trim black.

I did liked using the Rust-Oleum high gloss paint. I was really impressed with how smooth it went on. The drying time was very fast. There were only two complaints about the paint. The excess paint on the paint brush got very thick and gloppy. I did not like how the paint was very sticky feeling when I tried to remove it from my hands. I had to scrub my hands several times.

During this project I had a blonde moment. It did not dawn on me that I needed to open the door to paint the full door. So here it was late evening and I had to open my back door that did not have a screen and leave it open until the paint dried. Thank goodness that the paint was fast drying paint. Because all I could think of how many little West Nile Virus filled misquotes and flies was getting in my home.


The above picture is what I thought was going to be the final product. I did not like the gray trim around the door, So I painted all of the door frame and trim black.

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  1. i like the black paint now :) don't you just love a fresh coat of paint?! love it!

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