Our Elf on the Shelf Isabella

Our Elf on the Shelf Isabella came last week. She came just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving and to bring a special gift to my daughter. I guess our Elf is very smart because she knew my daughter was going on her first snow skiing trip over Thanksgiving.
Isabella entered our house this year by sitting on the side of our refrigerator. Our daughter had not been minding to good, so Isabella brought a naughty list.
Every morning our daughter gets up and runs to find Isabella and then  looks to make sure Isabella gave her a good check from the day before. As for the other name on the list, he is so small he could care less about the naughty list. But his name had to go on there to or big Sister would ask questions.  I tried to make the list look like an Elf made it that night. So the lines ran together in some places.

The second night that Isabella was at our house, she was caught playing in the children's Christmas tree. It would have been nice if Isabella would have brought a star for the top of that tree.
The third night was the night before my daughters big trip. Our Elf brought her much needed snow goggles. I loved the note that Isabella the Elf wrote to her. She really thinks those goggles came from the North Pole. 

The day we left on our trip I forgot to take a picture of where Isabella was hiding out. I made sure we brought her on our trip by placing her in the front zipper of my daughters suitcase. Since we were driving I placed her to where her head and arms were out of the suitcase. This way Isabella the Elf could hear and see if either one was acting up. It really worked on our road trip.
Once we got to our destination the next morning we found Isabella the Elf sitting on top of the fire extinguisher in the living room area of our condo. Leave it to me to forget to take a picture of that. 

On our second day there we woke up to find Isabella hanging out in the hallway next to our snow gear and ski's. I guess she wanted to go play in the snow with us. 
Our last day of our vacation we found that silly elf in a box of Little Debbie Christmas Tree Cakes that I had packed in a plastic bin.

Stay tuned for more places Isabella the Elf hides.

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