Christmas Table Center Piece

If you are still looking for a Christmas table center piece look no further. This center piece did not cost me anything to make, because I had all the items already laying around my house. 

Items you will need:
Cupcake stand- I used Wilton's brand
Ornaments - small and large
Wired ribbon- any color

To start just make a bow out of your ribbon and wrap it around the inner part of the stem for each layer. The object of the ribbon is just to hide the gaps. Then just place your ornaments on the stand. I layed the ornaments on their sides to hide the tops. 

When you get to the top hook the ribbon around the top. This will help hide the eye of the ornament and help hold the top ornament in place.

There you have it. This center piece took me about ten minutes to make. I just love it. 

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