Fall Baby Shower

I just love fall themes, so when one of my best friends offered to host a baby shower for me, I knew I wanted a fall theme. She was excited to provide a chili bar setting to go along with everything. My friend worked so hard making my big day so special.

Together we chose a park pavilion to host the party at.We prayed for good weather but unfortunly it rained. We had to get creative to cover the food, so we used a brown tarp. I actually fell in love with it when it was up. I thought it drew attention to the chili bar. It was very windy an hour before the party and items kept blowing off, thank goodness the wind stopped before the party. The table was organized for depth and demisions and we found that it was hard to organize with five crock pots, but everything came together in the end.

The food that was served was:
White Chili
Fall Veggie Chili
Beef Chili
Red Chicken Chili
Plain Noodles
Corn Bread
Salad and dressing
Baked Potatoes

On the dessert table was the cake and the party favors which was caramel apples.
I love how the caramel apples are rolling out of the bucket and the string that is on them.

I will have to give Jaclyn McFarland congrats on making the cake that I feel in love with. She is so amazing with cakes. If you live in the Louisville area and looking for someone to do cakes send me a message and I will send you her contact information. She does great work.
As for the drinks that were served. There were mason jars filled with Trader Joe's Apple Cider and a Cranberry Mocktail.

As for the games, we played the typical diaper the baby and place the pacifer in the babies mouth blind folded. Since there were children there, we had guest play a sac race game. It was cute to watch the guest play the game.
I am so blessed to have such great friends and family. Thank you all who came to celebrate Baby Nelson's arrival.

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