Reusing a Cardboard Box

Just this past year my daughter has gotten very involved with playing with her Barbies. She use to just undress them. I don't know what phase that was but no Barbie could have clothes on, in our house. Has any of your toddlers went thru that stage? Please don't tell me my child is the only child that went thru that phase? We finally now like Barbie clothes. She sometimes has a hard time placing the clothes on them and needs help, but that gives Mommy a chance to get to play with the Barbies too. So for Christmas and her Birthday she asked for Barbie clothes. I am shocked at the price of how much one outfit for Barbie or Ken costs. With collecting all of these new clothes, I was finding toy clothes everywhere. I had enough one day and said I am going to put them in a box. Then I had an idea to hide the ugly box.

Items you will need:
Any size box
Hot glue gun

Here is the items I used. The only things not pictured is the brown, cream and red yarn.

To start out I placed hot glue on the very bottom edge of the box. Then I laid the yard down on it. I did one side at a time, so my glue would not dry on me.

Once you get about two rows of gluing you can just start wrapping the yard around the box . When you come to the end of the color glue that last piece. I would do one solid line of glue. Then start your next color. As you can see I used the pattern blue, cream, brown, cream and blue.
At the end glue the last two rows.
We could just not have a plain colorful box, now could we? So I used some red yarn to added some lettering to it. The letters were so easy. I placed some glue at the top, middle and bottom of the cut pieces of yarn and shaped the letters.

My daughter loves her Barbie clothes box and has asked me to make a bigger box for more clothes and accessories.

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