Since the fall I have been coaching basketball at the YMCA. This was my first time on the other side of the line. Being a coach is so much different than being a player. I played basketball growing up as a child and all the way thru High School. After I got out of school, I did not pick up a basketball for years, until it came time for my daughter to play. The only way I could get my daughter to play was for me to coach. I wanted to coach her anyways. I wanted to be part of teaching her the correct fundamentals. When I stepped onto the floor for our first practice and held the basketball in my hands, I felt that sensation of I am home. I realized I really missed playing the sport.
Last night was our last game for the winter league. I am amazed at how much my team grew thru this season. I was impressed after every game. It was just not one player who would impress me, it was all of them. At the beginning of the season I had one player who was so tall that needed to start learning the correct form of how to shoot the basketball, then I had little ones who were struggling just to hit the rim shooting the ball. Oh did I mention I coached  coed 4-5 year olds? By the end of the last game. Everyone on my team had hit a basket. The one child I was working with on form actually shot the correct way and hit it. I felt a big achievement watching them play their last game.
Coaching a ball team is so much work. You not only have to prove yourself to your team that you know the game, you have to prove yourself to the parents too. I learned you not going to please every parent. Parents are going to be critical no matter who coach's their child.  I tried my best to be fair to all the players. I will admit I had to be a little bit rougher on my child. Because I did not want someone to say I had favoritism going on. I even went as far as routing my players. If they started the game the next game they would sit out the first quarter.
I hope I was able to instill a few basic fundamentals to all of my players and hope I helped them find love for the sport. On the the last night I had the bakery make something very special for each team member. I wanted to make basketball cake pops, but my cake pop machine was not working correctly, so I paid the bakery prices for sugar cookies. I called and got quotes and I found the cheapest price was at the Kroger Bakery. I was shocked they actually took the order. The price $4.99 for a dozen of basketball shaped sugar cookies.

Don't that cookie look so good to eat? If you ever get the chance to coach a team. I would totally recommend it.

Have you ever coached a team? I would love to hear how your experience went with it.

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