Meet Charlie the dog

I have this friend who lost one of her family members 2 years ago. It was a sudden shocking loss, one day the family member was wagging her tail and enjoying her Thanksgiving meal that her Master's had put before her and the next day she passed away from Cancer. Yes Abby Rose was a 10 year old Golden Retriever, who was so much part of my friend's life, the dog was treated like one of the kids. (maybe better than the kids...LOL) So when Abby passed away, she thought she could not love another dog, like she did Abby.
Abby Rose

Several months later my friend had the opportunity for another Golden Retriever, that she named Charlie. This puppy is nothing like Abby, by no means. I just love the stories she tells and the pictures she has of Charlie. If you subscribe to my Pinterest page, you would see I pin many pictures of Charlie. This dog loves the camera. I could not get my own dog to pose for pictures like Charlie does. I have known Charlie for an entire year now and every time I open my Facebook page I usually see a picture of Charlie getting into something.
So today I want to share with you some pictures of Charlie.

I can't believe Charlie sat in front of this cake and did not eat it. My Taz would have had the cake down before I could snap any pictures.

This was taken today. Charlie was being a very bad boy.

I think this dog should be a pet model. Does any one know any dogs that do that?

This is my favorite picture.

Hope you all liked the pictures of Charlie. Before I let you go I have to show you my baby, who is a cancer survivor. This is my Taz. We are just so thankful to still have him with us.

 Have a Great Day!


  1. Two beautiful doggies! Charlie is very photogenic!!

  2. These pictures are so cute! I've always been a 'small dog' person, but retrievers are the sweetest dogs!

    New follower from the Aloha hop!

  3. Cute doggie pics! We have a pug cross over here; lots of fun :)

    New follower from the Aloha hop as well!

  4. Oh my gosh! That dog is a natural! Looove it! And your pup is so cute too! Cancer survivor!? WOW! Amazing!

    Janette Lane Blog

    PS. Found your blog via the Aloha blog hop! Woo! Thanks for visiting my blog!