How to make a Tea Pot Birthday Cake

I consider myself a novice when it comes to making cakes. I usually only bake cakes once a year and that is  for my daughters birthday. I refuse to buy store bought or from another person. It has to be made from my hands. I guess I am weird like that.
When my daughter told me she wanted to have a tea party birthday, I thought to myself what kind of cake can I make for her? I searched and searched for the right cake. When I thought I found the right one, I would show her and ask her what she thought about it. We went thru many designs, but we finally agreed on a 3D tea pot and cup cakes.

To make a tea pot cake you will need the following:
Gum paste
Wilton's Sports Ball Pan Set
Cake Batter

Several days before you need to make the handle, top of the pot and spout for the tea pot using the gum paste. I used the store bought gum paste and I had to color the paste. Coloring gum paste was not nice to my hands. If anyone knows any tips please let me know. I did learn a little trick. Place toothpicks at the ends of the spout and at both ends of the handle.This helps hold the heavy spout and handle to the cake. To make the top, I took a tea cup and placed gum paste inside. I smoothed it out all around the teapot and then I trimmed the excess off around the top of the cup. I gently removed the gum paste out and set it to the side to dry. I did not use toothpicks in the top. As for the spout and handle I shaped them by hand.

To start the cake I used the Wilton's sports ball pan set.
 Sports Ball Pan Set
This pan was very simple to use. Unlike some pans that require one and half boxes of cake batter, this only required one. You could also do one half one type of batter and the other half a different kind of batter. When the cake is done baking I would recommend the moment you take the pans out of the oven, use a damp towel and push down on the cakes. This will get the air out of the cakes. Don't worry the cake will spring back up if its done. I would immediately remove the cakes from the pans and let cool.

While the cake is baking you need to make some icing. I use the Wilton's butter cream icing recipe.
When you have your icing ready place the two halves together. First check to see if the halves fit evenly together. You might have to cut some from one of the halves. Once they are even, place a layer of icing between the halves. This will act as glue and keep the pieces together. Continue using the icing by icing the entire cake. When the icing is all over the cake place in fridge until the icing is hard. Try to make the icing as smooth as you can.
I used fondant to place over the ball of the cake. I am still learning how to apply fondant to a cake. I think I did a okay of a job. I made marshmallow fondant that I colored pink and rolled it out to the size I wanted. Once the fondant was rolled out. All I did was lift the fondant up and place it over the ball shaped cake. I trimmed the excess off at the bottom and tried to smooth out the fondant.

I then placed the tea pot handle and the spout on the round ball. To place the handle and the spout, I added some butter cream icing at the ends that touch the cake. The icing acted like glue.

Next I piped purple butter cream icing around the bottom. I did this because the base of my fondant was not the neatest.

I did not plan to add flowers all around the cake. But I had some bad spots in my fondant and I had all this extra gum paste. I just started making petals and a small ball for the middle. I mashed the petals together in the middle and added the ball. In the back I placed a toothpick to hold them in the cake. I think the flowers really made the cake.

I almost forgot the ball at the top of the tea pot was made with gum paste.

I was very pleased with how the cake turned out. All the kids and parents was amazed with it.

(Sammy ate violets investing newbie game)  

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