DIY Pumpkin mesh wreath

DIY - Pumpkin Mesh Wreath

One of the items I have been working on is an Art Deco pumpkin mesh wreath. This was the first time I had ever used Art  Deco mesh. And oh my.... I love.

I chose to make the wreath out of the following materials:

1 roll orange Art Deco mesh
1 embroidery hoop
Latch hook canvas
1 big bag of pipe cleaners
Orange tulle
Green tulle
green pipe cleaners
brown pipe cleaners

Take the latch hook canvas and connect it to the embroidery hoop. I just hooked the canvas around the outer hoop with pipe cleaners. 

 Cut the art deco mesh into strips that are about 4 inches wide and about 4 inches long. Roll the mesh strip up and take a pipe cleaner and twist it. Then take the pipe cleaner and attache it to the latch hook canvas. Continue to due this until the you receive the fullness desired.

When it is time to place the green top on the pumpkin you cut the green tulle just like you would the mesh and you will do the some procedure as the mesh but use a green pipe cleaners to attach the green.

I used brown pipe cleaners to make the stem. I just made big circles around the loop.

Since I have a glass storm door on my front door, I needed to hide the latch hook canvas from the back. So I took some some orange tulle and wrapped it around the back of the wreath. The tulle sticks to the mesh so you do not have to attach or glue the tulle to anything.

back of pumpkin wreath

front of wreath

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