'                         15 WAYS TO RID YOUR HOME OF LIZARDS
Some people say it is good luck to have a lizard in our home. Lizards help keep the insect population down and yada-yada-yada… But who wants them in their home? I think it is just creepy when you stumble across on in or outside your home. Especially when they are on the brick of your home next to the entrance door just hanging there looking at you and you know the moment you open that door that lizard could possibly run inside your home. For the past month I have been on a mission to find ways to rid my home of these creatures. So far I have found 15 ways and if you know of anymore please leave a comment and I will add it to the list. 1) Rid your home of bugs inside and out. You can buy a pesticide for the inside and outside of the home.

2)  Move your furniture away from the walls and take down mirrors and frames off the walls. You don’t want to leave them any good hiding places.

3) Lizard traps. I was unable to find any of the lizard traps at my local hardware stores. I just used a sticky mat that catches mice. Or you can make your own with cardboard and glue. I would also buy fly strips for outside also.
4) Laxman Rekha- this is a chalk like powder that they use in India. When this powder is laid down it makes a barrier line. You can place this in the threshold of doors and window seals. This is very hard to find. You might want to try the internet or a Indian grocery store
5) Spray Wasp pray around your windows, outside of your home and rooms that you have seen lizards in.
6) Buy an Electronic Lizard Repellant.  You can find these thru online retailers. These are very expensive. I would only use this as a last resort.
7) Egg Shells - Leave egg shells in places you have seen the lizards. The eggs will send the lizards packing to another yard or house.
 8) Moth Balls - Place moth balls in the placed that you know the lizards have been. Also place them in pots and underneath plants. I plan to hang a bag from my outside light.
 9) Fertilizer - Fertilize everything. At least you will have a great looking yard and flowers.
 10) Clean your house - You must get rid of the dirty laundry piles, box’s, food on the counter and tables and fix all leaky faucets. You also need to seal all holes that you think a lizard can squeeze thru. Don’t forget these things can fit into the tiniest of cracks.
 11) Keep the temperature in your house really cold. Lizards do not like the cold and usually they will go somewhere else.

12) If you must turn your outside lights on, exchange the bulbs out for yellow bulbs or sodium vapor bulbs.
13) I you don’t want to do harm, try to catch the lizards when you see them, by spraying cold water at them. The cold water slows them down so you can catch them and relocate them.
14) Tabasco Sauce - Mix 2 table spoons of Tabasco sauce in a bottle of water and spray everywhere a lizard has been or you can spray the lizard itself. I would continue to spray the areas daily until you see no more lizards.

15) If all else fails buy a cat.

Please note that I have not tried all on this list.


  1. Please feel free to leave your comments. I just want to say I don't hate lizards I just don't want them in my home. So the other night I used Tabasco sauce and water and sprayed the back of my house where I have been seeing the lizards hang out at and I hung a ziplock bag of about 4 moth balls on my outside light. For 2 nights now I have not seen any lizards. I even went out last night with a flash light and did not see any.

  2. Northern Florida, Lizards are everywhere & a lot of them- I have used egg shells, Tabasco sauce in a spray bottle & sprayed the window seals yesterday ... I checked the window in the bathroom this morn and my pesty friends were NOT there what relief I thought .... But a few minutes ago guess what? they are back- I have not seen any inside the house- but I am sure they will be- I just seen two in the attached garage... I am from the northern states and not use to seeing these creepy pest at all!!! I will try some moth ball next...