Thinking of going to St. Petes Beach?

It has taken me weeks to write about my last family get away. Our getaway was nothing fancy, just a quick flight down to St. Petersburg, FL to bury our feet in the sand. This trip was a special trip because it was little man's first trip to the beach. It has just been very hard to write a review. There is not much to say about St. Petes beach. It is just a quaint cozy beach town, that is known for its amazing sunsets. I did not see many chain restaurants, besides some fast food restaurants, which was good and I did not see much things to do with kids, like go carts, or boardwalk things. So when the sun went down there was not much to do with our little ones. One night we walked down the street to play mini golf at a small putt put course. The other nights we let them swim in the hotel pool until we felt like it was getting to cold for them to swim and then we finished the night out by watching movies in our room.

We stayed at the Sirata Beach Resort and let me just say this resort is beautiful. We had a street view which was fine because I could still see the water and palm trees. 
They have three swimming pools placed through out the property and the pool we used everyday was not crowded. It was the one closest to Rum Runners. At some parts of the day it was just us, but it could have been the time of the year we went. We enjoyed the live music at night with the fire pit and the hot tub. It was so hard to get my toddler off of the the beach playground, he played and played.
 One thing I had never saw before was that the beach towels were supposedly micro chipped. You check out a towel by swiping your room key in a machine. When you were done using that towel you returned it back to the machine. I did not want to test to see if they were really microchip. I was not wanting an extra fee, so I will take them at their word on that.
The beach, the hotel swimming pool and the putt put course up the street, was kinda like the only thing to do that was in walking distance from our hotel. Up and down the beach they had jet ski rentals and the aqua- cycle rentals. I wanted to rent an aqua- cycle so bad but as I watched others flipping their aqua cycles and being unable to get it over the wave breaks, I decided it looked better from afar.
There was other things to do like go on dolphin tours, drive to Tampa to Busch Gardens, but all along it is just a quaint cozy beach town known for its sunsets. I would recommend this beach to anyone looking for a nice place to enjoy the beach. Especially couples who want to enjoy every sunset.

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