Review of the Embassy Suites in Secaucus, NJ


At the end of our summer vacation we got to take an unexpected family trip to New York City, all thanks to my daughter's dance team who won the opportunity to dance at the World Dance Championships in Secaucus, NJ. Looking over places for our team to stay at, I tried to think which hotel will be better for our group. Some of us was thinking of driving and while some of us was going to fly. We had to think of the day our team competed, what time we would have to be there, and how the commute was going to be to get there. Another thing that topped the list per the dancers, the hotel had to have a swimming pool. The Dance Competition recommended several hotels around the Meadowlands Convention Center. Not every hotel that was recommend had swimming pools. As a team we chose to stay at the Embassy Suites, which is located right beside the convention center. They had a free morning breakfast with made to order omelettes. Our dancers would say the best thing about the hotel would be the swimming pool. The area around the convention center was very nice. Across the street was a Cheese Burger in Paradise, Red Lobster, Starbucks, Chiptole and more. The only downside was the time it took to get into NYC. You could have a long commute or a short commute pending on the time you decide to head in or head out of the city.
The Embassy offered different types of rooms. My family stayed in a 2 bed, 1 bedroom suite with a conference table in the living room. Having a conference table on one side of the living area was kinda weird but it worked out. The table made a great place for my little ones to eat and play on. We also placed items we did not want laying on the floor on the table. The suite was very spacious. It came with small dorm size refrigerator and a small kitchen sink. Which came in very handy when I had to wash out sippy cups that had milk in them.

In our room we got lucky to get a new sofa, others in our group had very lumpy, broken in sofas. We did have a single seater seat that was broke down and lumpy. But we were rarely in our room and we rarely sat on the sofa and the one seater. From what I understand the hotel was in the process of changing out the sofas. Besides that, the beds slept very well, we had plenty of pillows and there was no noise to keep us up.
Checking in was very slow. I did not have any problems. But there was many people who's reservations were so messed up. There was a family within our group that had to argue for the days they reserved to stay in their room to different people behind the desk. Because they were given the run around. Even when they had they confirmation emails and everything. They thought they were going to have to leave a day early because the front desk could not get with it and accommodate their guests. One thing that bothered me at check in was that I requested to have a city view, when doing early check in. I even mentioned it to desk clerk when we arrived. My husband and I laughed at our view because it was a view of the parking garage and big fans. I guess they decided not to honor any requests. Why need a view, we were never in our room.
Overall the hotel for my family was great. We loved the breakfast, swimming pool, and the location.
The room size was awesome for it to be so close to the city. I really thought it would be much smaller. When we needed a recommendation for a taxi service or for a great place to order pizza the workers were so nice and was quick to help out.
I would differently stay here again, lumpy chair and all. But I would recommend anyone traveling to have a printed out confirmation email of your itinerary. Just in case there is a problem at check in.
Have you ever stayed at this hotel before? If so what was your thoughts about it? Or have you stayed at any of the surrounding hotels in this area? I would love to hear from you.

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Please note that I was not compensated in any form for this review. All views are of my own opinion.

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