Airbrush Perfect Legs

Do you use sunless tanner? I could not tell you how long it has been since I used sunless tanner. If I had to think back I might had used it to cover up some tan lines for my wedding, which was 9 years ago. I was given the opportunity to try Sally Hansen's Airbrush legs the other day. I received the product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. I was excited to try this product, as a busy Mom I have found it is hard to get find the time to relax and sun bath.
Sally Hansen make two different types of this product. You can buy it in a spray or a lotion. I received the lotion to try.
I found that the lotion was easy to use. I would suggest finding a place in your home where staines can be cleaned up easy like a bathroom. This stuff can stain, so be careful. I noticed after applying the the tanner that the palms of my hands were the color of the tanner. I would recommend washing your hands asap after applying.  Check out my how to video.

I really did like this tanner. Once I use up this bottle I think I am going to try the Sally Hansen's Airbrush legs spray. Through the people that I have conversed with about this product they recommend the spray over the lotion.

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